Benefits of a Wood Fire

Wood Fire Benefits

  • The cost. While there is an initial investment to purchase and install a wood fire, you can expect to start saving immediately on your utility bills. By using a wood fire to heat your home, you won’t have to use your gas or electricity to run other heating sources. These other sources are often very expensive to run, particularly air conditioning, and with the cost of electricity and gas continuing to rise this will only become worse. A wood fire, on the other hand, involves very little cost to run (purchasing the wood) and can sometimes be free if you can source the wood for free.

  • Efficiency. Burning wood is a very efficient way to heat your home, and is capable to heating an entire home with a single fireplace. Compare this to other heating appliances, which are often isolated to a single room or area of your home. Some people even find that the heat that comes from a wood fire is warmer than other types of heat – potentially an advantage to using a natural source of heat.

  • It’s always available. We’ve all had that experience – the electricity is out, so we can’t turn on the air conditioning to warm us up. By using a wood burning source of heat, you don’t have to worry about those times when there is a problem with the electricity or gas supply. You’re self sufficient – able to operate at any time without the hassle of calling the electricity company!

  • Renewable energy source. The other big advantage is that burning wood is very environmentally friendly. It uses wood, which is a renewable resource, instead of fossil fuels such as gas. Often electricity is also sourced from fossil fuels or other non-renewable sources, as a majority of the electricity is generated from coal power plants. If you’re lucky you can also find waste or off-cut wood that can be used, such as from a timber yard or construction site, which means that you’re being even kinder to the environment.

  • Reduce your emissions. The other benefit of using this renewable energy source is that it means you’re reducing the level of emissions that you’re expelling into the atmosphere. The burning of coal and other non-renewable sources releases harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to the problem of global pollution. By using a wood fire you’re doing your bit to help the environment.

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