Wood Fireplace vs Gas Fireplace – Which Should I Choose?

So, you might ask what makes a fireplace so special.

Is it the work involved in chopping the wood to fuel it or the ease of flipping a switch and seeing that glow light up your living room?

Here at Coastline Barbecues & Heating we sell both types of fireplaces. However, there are pros and cons for both types… but how do you choose which one is best for you?

Wood Fireplaces 

No matter what your perfect fire looks like, a wood-burning fireplace is a good option. If you live in an area where you get freezing temperatures then you should be able to understand how it would feel to curl up in front of your fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and your favourite book and enjoy the heat from your wood fire. The crackling wood and the blazing flames only add to this idyllic setting.

If you like traditional living and the beauty and elegance of large fireplaces that use natural wood, you can consider yourself a wood-burning fireplace type. You are a person who loves making your own fire and keeping it alive. However, even though wood fireplaces are comfortable, they will cost you more than a typical gas-burning fireplace.

Also, because of the work necessary to build a wood-burning fireplace, the installation will usually cost you more than a gas-burning fireplace. However, they are very elegant and that price may well be a justified expense.

If you relish the warmth and welcoming fire and smell that you can only get from a wood fire then this is the route that you want to take.

Gas Fireplaces

If you want something more convenient and easy to operate then you might want to seriously consider a gas burning fireplace. You will lose the crackle and the smell of a wood burning fireplace but that might be less important to you than a cleaner, simpler source of heat during the cold winter months.

Turning on a gas burning fireplace is the same as lighting the gas stove in your kitchen. You turn on the gas and light it with a match or gas lighter, there is no waiting for logs to catch a fire.

One of the major advantages of a gas fireplace is that the installation can be done after the room has been built. It is not an easy process, but it can be done. However, you are advised to follow the manufacturer directions to be safe and we’d recommend only using a qualified person to install your gas fireplace. Attempting to do this yourself could lead to some dangerous consequences.

Coastline Barbeques & Heating have a wide range of wood burning, gas and electric fireplaces on the Gold Coast. We have stores conveniently located on the Gold Coast at Tweed Heads and Southport and we now have a new location in Oxenford. We are also on the web: http://www.coastlinebbq.com.au/

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