Benefits of Cooking with a Wood Fire Grill

Wood fires are the oldest form of cooking and it connects us to our past and the “stick, pit and spit” cooking of our ancestors.

Grilling fell by the wayside as modern cuisine emerged and people tried to enclose and control fire.

Fire’s appeal lies in its simplicity as it allows fresh ingredients to exhibit their inherent flavours.

Cooking over a wood fire is the ultimate flavour enhancer as each wood imparts its own unique personality and ‘taste’.

Flavour in the Wood

Hardwoods are the best for grilling because they burn slowly and with an intense heat.

The sugar molecules in the wood are caramelised in heat, producing a fruity scent; its other natural components produce a distinctive smoky fragrance.

  • Look for native woods like Ironbark, Mallee root and Gidgee, or try some chestnut or apple matching them to the food you grill.
  • Lighter woods like Olive are better cooked with vegetables because of the subtle flavouring they provide.
  • Use fallen hardwood (at least six months old); resinous soft woods exude an acrid smoke

Think about preparation. Take the time to build a good fire. Building a fire gives a certain satisfaction that you cannot get from flicking a switch.

Be patient with your wood fire. Light the fire early and wait until the coals are ready (if the temperature is too high you will lose the flavour of the wood). Ideal conditions are a slow burning fire.

Keep it fresh. Use only the freshest ingredients on the day of the barbecue. 

Keep it simple. Don’t complicate things by hiding everything behind a marinade, let the food speak for itself. Other flavours should be served separately.

Experiment. Refer to the previous point, light up your imagination and grill something different for once. While certain foods can be a challenge and require a different approach, the art of grilling is limitless. It is also addictive as once you prepare food over an open fire, you’ll never go back to cooking with gas.

Grilling Basics

Simple grilled chicken is good but chicken grilled and fragrant with wood smoke is even better. Wood fired cooking has an appeal unequalled by any other cooking process. The flavours created by an efficient wood fired oven are healthy and delicious-something not achievable by cooking in a conventional oven.

Australia has the ideal climate to take advantage of natural living and cooking so it makes sense to make regular use of one of our wood-burning products.

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