The Weber Q Series

Weber is the world’s premier manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric grills.

The Weber Q series feature 1 or 2 burners, a removable catch and a push button or electric ignition,  a built-in thermometer, porcelain enamelled, cast iron cooking grates.

They are compact, powerful and modern, the six Weber® Q® series gas grills have porcelain enamelled, cast-iron cooking grates for long lasting quality.

The grills help you to make delicious gourmet food outdoors. With a modern design they are very versatile and come fully loaded, offering the best in grilling quality and durability.

An added benefit is that they have reasonably priced replacement parts for every grill they have ever sold, not that you’ll need these often.

There are single burners that are 20 inches long and are ideal for outdoor parties, camping and grill masters on the go.

Some issues that other BBQs provide include:

  • Hot and cold spots on the grill
  • Flaring up while cooking
  • Large dome doesn’t retain heat
  • Poor balance between burner and grate

The Weber Q solve these problems in two ways

Most grills are too big for the amount of heat they produce. The burners, to compensate, run hot and this results in focused hot spots and spotty cold spots. The ambient temperature is often not enough because of the cave like lid used to help cook the food.

Weber has created a dome with a controlled profile. Compact and designed for good airflow, the Weber Q gives food a nice smoky taste while reducing the unnecessary volume of air.

The burner and grate are also brilliantly designed. Instead of multiple burners, which cause hot and cold spots, the Q grill has only 1 burner. This burner, unlike other burners with their flimsy flame guards, is designed as a giant loop, with a corresponding thick strip of cast iron built into the grill so the flames hit the bottom of the grate.

This prevents flare ups causing the cast iron grill to be extremely hot which results in searing the food with heat and not the flames. This results in even cooking and leaves some nice grill marks.

Weber also provide a booklet with a dozen or so recipes and instructions with setting times for various meats and cuts. 

Q100 or Baby Q Features 

The Q100 is the entry level Q series grill. They are great for picnics and camping because they are so portable. They are very effective and boast a great design. It is only 23.5” high when open, 27” wide and 20.5” deep, making it very portable.

Adding to its portability, they run on disposable LP cylinders. They come in 14.1 and 16.4 ounce sizes. It comes with a stainless steel burner. With a push button igniter, it is easy to start.

The body and lid are cast aluminium. It comes with a removable catch fan and a limited warranty. The Baby Qs also come in two colours, cast aluminium or titanium.

Here at Coastline Barbecues and Heating we are the Weber specialists and we carry the full line of Weber barbecues and grills. We have 3 locations in the Gold Coast area and for your added convenience, we also recently opened an online store.

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