Yunca Xander



Xander - Unique Double Feature

Unique Double Feature

Like all of our standard wood heaters, it’s designed to burn clean and heat up to 220m2 with its powerful 2 speed fan, BUT with the addition of a standard drop down door feature turns your Xander into an open fire place…a wood heater that doubles as an Open Fire Place

The Xander – Heats 220+m2

Yunca has always pushed the boundaries with design and features, and the Xander is a great example of what Yunca is known for…a Stunning heater with a unique difference

Xander - The Xander - Heats 220+m2
Xander - Drop Down Door - turns your heater into a fire

Drop Down Door – turns your heater into a fire

How many times have you wanted to open the door on your wood heater and enjoy the ambiance of an open fire? Well the Yunca Xander is designed with a DROP DOWN DOOR that turns your heater into the ultimate open fireplace

3.5 Star Rated Performance

The Xander was tested at 66%, or 3.5 Stars. It is 10% more efficient than other heaters in its class – and will burn on average 1mtr of wood less per year

Xander - 3.5 Star Rated Performance
Xander - 10 - 12 Hour Burn Time

10 – 12 Hour Burn Time

The Xanader will give you up to 10+ hours of burn time when good, dry hardwood is used

5 Star Emissions

The Xander was tested at 0.8gms emissions, or a 5 Star rating. That’s 60% less emissions

Xander - 5 Star Emissions
Xander - No ordinary's Automatic !

No ordinary fan…it’s Automatic !

The Xander comes with a 2 speed fan that will only operate when the heater is hot…so no more cold air coming out of your heater

No Chimney? No Problems!

The Xander has the option for a Zero Clearance kit – Perfect for new homes or renovations to your existing home where you have no existing brick chimney

Xander - No Chimney? No Problems!