Yunca Monte




    Monte - Yunca Monte - Heats 200m2

    Yunca Monte – Heats 200m2

    The Yunca Monte is one robust heater designed by New Zealanders to work in the coldest environments. It’s the stunning clean burn and longer heat this heater gives that makes it one of the best performing heaters in its field

    4.5 Star Performance

    The Yunc Monte is tested at total efficiency of 69% Efficiency, or 4.5 Star Rating. This 25% more efficient than other heaters in this range – meaning you will burn 2mtrs of wood less per year

    Monte - 4.5 Star Performance
    Monte - 10+ Hours Burn

    10+ Hours Burn

    The Monte Dual will get up to 10+ hours burn when using dry hardwood

    4.5 Star Emissions

    The Yunca Monte is tested at 1.1grms, or 4.5 Star rating with Emissions – : that’s an impressive 55% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class

    Monte - 4.5 Star Emissions
    Monte - Optional Hot Water

    Optional Hot Water

    An optional 2.8kW low pressure hot water jacket can be fitted to heat a 300Ltr low pressure hot water system

    Thermal Mass Firebricks

    10 x 40mm thick thermal mass firebricks line the walls of the firebox. This gives the Yunca the long heating cycles that make this heater stay 30% hotter for longer than other heaters

    Monte - Thermal Mass Firebricks
    Monte - Stunning Flames

    Stunning Flames

    The key to Yunca’s stunning clean burn and flames is their patented Stainless Steel top baffle that works to pre-heat the combustion air that makes your Yunca burn so clean

    Legs? Pedestal? Euro Wood Box? Choose your own look

    The Yunca Monte is available in 3 different looks – all the same price

    Monte - Legs? Pedestal? Euro Wood Box? Choose your own look

    10 Year Warranty

    Yunca’s 10 year, unconditional warranty backs the quality of this heater

    Monte - 10 Year Warranty

    Our review on the Monte heater…

    Being a heavy firebrick lined heater with 40mm firebricks, the trick to get this heater to perform is to get the bricks hot 1st.. this takes time, but when the bricks are hot, WOW this heater performs unbelievably. The only comment is the door handle, not as smooth as some heaters, but an upgrade coming out soon will address this.. Our heater score is 8/10

    Monte - Our review on the Monte heater...
    Monte - Made in India by Yunca

    Made in India by Yunca

    Yunca’s Indian factory manufactures the Yunca Monte range – their New Zealand Factorys manufacture any Yunca heaters with the enamel finish