Weber Baby Q1000AU

Weber Baby Q (Q1000) - LP


Weber Baby Q1000 - Perfect for Gold Coast Apartments For Gold Coast apartment owners, we've got the perfect barbeque solution for you. How about a tender, juicy T-bone steak barbecued perfectly on the Baby Q? The Baby Q cooks so fast, just 3-4 minutes each side for a magnificent T-bone. The Baby Q is truly portable - caravanning, camping, at the beach, sporting events or your favourite park, it doesn't matter, this little beauty is great fun. Pop it in to the boot of your car and you can take it anywhere. Some people even reckon their car wouldn't start without a Baby Q in the boot. They cook for up to 6 people and run on the smell of an oily rag. There are 2 models. The best of them has flip-out side tables (exclusive to Specialist Dealers). You can add a breakfast plate to complete the set up for that eggs & bacon cook up. There is a mobile trolley that folds down for easy storage. Just the thing for small areas or camping. This is the worlds most versatile BBQ. Not what you're looking for? Our Gold Coast Barbeques homepage has more links to our latest additions to the range. Cooking capacity for barbecued meats and outdoor roasts:Approximate total grilling area: 1200cm2 Maximum poultry guide: 1.6kg chicken or turkey roll Maximum height of roast: 11.5cm Feeds up to 6 people Includes an educational DVD. (Conversion to Natural Gas will be an additional cost)