Pyroclassic Mini




    Pyroclassic Mini - NOW Available- The Pyro Mini

    NOW Available- The Pyro Mini

    Perfect for the smaller home, the Pyro Mini is just that.. a Mini Pyro

    Same Same but Smaller

    The Pyro Mini also uses the ceramic round firebox, just like its bigger brother, to increase burning to over 700oC – this means your Pyro will burn clean with only 0.3gms of carbon per Kg of wood you burn

    Pyroclassic Mini - Same Same but Smaller
    Pyroclassic Mini - Cleanest heater to use

    Cleanest heater to use

    The ceramic firebox not only means you burn less wood ( up to half the amount of wood you would traditionally use in other heaters ) but also means it burns clean, and at 0.3grms emissions…it’s rated at the cleanest burning heater in its field

    Optional Hot Water

    The Pyro Mini can also have an optional Hot Water jacket fitted – this will give you 1.5Kw of hot water

    Pyroclassic Mini - Optional Hot Water