Pyroclassic Wood Heater IV

Pyroclassic IV


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    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Pyroclassic IV - Heats 180m2

    Pyroclassic IV - Heats 180m2

    Designed over 30 years ago by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in Wellington NZ, the Pyroclassic is amongst the very cleanest burning wood fires the world has ever produced, with 0.3g/Kg emissions

    5.5 Star Rated Performance

    The Pyroclassic VII is tested with an impressive 75% Efficiency, or 5.5 Star Rating. This is 35% more efficient than other heaters in this range - meaning you will burn 3mtrs of wood less per year
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - 5.5 Star Rated Performance
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - 12+ Hour Burn Time

    12+ Hour Burn Time

    With an impressive 12Hour burn time - The Pyroclassic has a reputation on doing this with little wood...the trick is the wood MUST be dry

    6 Star Rated Emissions: one of the cleanest burning wood heaters

    The Pyroclassic is tested at 0.3Grms, or 6 Star Rating for Emissions - that's an impressive 88% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - 6 Star Rated Emissions: one of the cleanest burning wood heaters
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - What is a Pyroclassic?

    What is a Pyroclassic?

    The firebox is the Pyroclassic - a round ceramic cylinder heats the fire to over 600�C giving your fire the perfect environment to burn clean and produce a consistent heat

    All of the colour!

    The Pyroclassic is available in over 100 colors on the standard grey body. Standard is Wineberry Red or Antique Steel - but the ease of changing the colored panels means you can change the look of your heater with the seasons with just changing the panels
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - All of the colour!
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Optional Wet Back

    Optional Wet Back

    An optional wet back gives you up to 3kW of low pressure hot water. The installation of the wet back actually improves the performance of your Pyroclassic heater from 74% to an impressive 83.3% efficiency

    Optional Eco Flue Kit

    Where a standard "Default" flue kit cools the flue down by using the room heat, the Eco flue kit uses the air from your ceiling space. This increases the performance by 8% - perfect for 6Star+ air tight homes
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Optional Eco Flue Kit

    Our review on the Pyroclassic...

    Google Pyroclassic review and you get a very mixed response. Some love it, some don't get it - but what we can tell you its all about the wood. If you get the wood right, this heater is not good - its exceptionally unbelievable in its performance! Get the wood wrong and it does not work. You don't buy this heater for long nights in front of a roaring fire - you buy it for performance. Our heater score is 9/10
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Our review on the Pyroclassic...
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Made in New Zealand

    Made in New Zealand

    The Pyroclassic is 100% made in New Zealand, and has been for over 30 years
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Mini Wood Box Plynth

    Mini Wood Box Plynth

    Raise your Pyroclassic Heater with the Mini Wood Box NB : Hearth still required

    Optional Woodbox Base

    Optional raised hearth with Wood Storage available This also doubles as your Hearth...
    Pyroclassic IV Freestanding - Optional Woodbox Base
Clearances to Combustible Materials
Rear clearancemm
Side clearancemm
Corner clearancemm
Extra Info
Flue size6″
Heating capacitym2
Burn Time Hours

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