Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Inbuilt | Metallic Black


Fire Box Only
Height546 mm
Width838 mm
Depth502 mm
Weight175 kg
Fire Box + Fascia/Trim
Height725 mm
Width1020 mm
Depth606 mm
Zero Clearance Installation Framing
Cavity Height1030 mm
Cavity Width1120 mm
Cavity Depth625 mm
Clearances to Combustible Materials
Top Clearance (Firebox to Mantel)390 mm
Side Clearance (Firebox to Side)380 mm
Front Clearance (Minimum Hearth Depth)500 mm
Extra Info
Flue size6″
Heating capacity300 m2
Efficiency75 %
Emissions1.0 grms
Burn Time 9 – 12 Hours
BrochurePacifc Energy Wood Brochure | 2020