Napoleon LEX 605 BBQ with Side Burner Infrared Bottom & Rear Burners

Napoleon LEX 605


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Find everything needed for grilling in one big grill. The LEX605 Gas Grill lets you go from searing over infrared heat to baking on a grill that works just like an oven. Rotiss the perfect meal using the rear burner and even make the perfect side dish using your side burner too! Create the perfect hosting atmosphere by keeping drinks within reach, and nice and cold, with the built-in ice bucket too. The LEX605 sounds way too good to be true! Get high-end grilling in your backyard for an affordable price that your friends and family won’t believe.SO MANY WAYS TO GRILL:Seven! Count them! Seven ways to grill on your LEX605 Gas Grill. Use it like an oven, the double walled lid construction hold the heat in, while the rear grill hood prevents heat loss when you check on that perfect dinner you’re making. This means you can bake and roast anything to perfection, from roast beef to a birthday cake and everything in between. Sear over high heat using the built-in ceramic infrared burners, and grill like a professional chef. Smoke and even charcoal grill in an LEX series grill using our optional charcoal tray or smoker tube. Or you can use the infrared rear burner for rotisserie perfection. Don’t forget to use your side burner for added awesome.Imagine being able to grill up to 32 four-inch hamburgers at once. Feed that crowd by grilling on 605 square inches of surface area. The LEX605’s stainless steel WAVE™ cooking grids hold and transfer heat beautifully and give you those fantastic wavy sear lines. The generous side shelves, when not being used to hold drinks and make side dishes, give you the freedom to prep your meals and even have an included cutting board.STYLE AND FUNCTION:Imagine a grill company that asked what you wanted and then provided it all to you. The LEX605 is that gas grill. This grill features loads of storage under the grill with two huge doors and tank storage. The shiny stainless body will stay shiny, shrugging off corrosion with ease. But what about pizzazz? The control knobs let you grill well after dark with stunning blue LED lights. Napoleon’s iGlow™ technology will burn bright for over 20,000 hours. A full width, tapered drip pan catches anything that the stainless steel sear plates don’t turn into delicious flavor. And under that there is the permanent grease tray. The LEX605 Gas Grill lights easily with the unique JETFIRE™ ignition system. It shoots a jet of flame that lights the burners. This kind of ignition system will last for years because it stays out of the heat zone of the burners. Everything about this grill screams high-end. That is, if you don’t include the price tag.What’s In The Box:Every LEX605RSBI comes in one box with a fully assembled grill head, stainless steel sear plates and WAVE™ cooking grids, warming rack and condiment basket for added storage, the full width drip pan, permanent drip tray and disposable liner, ice bucket and cutting board. All hardware is provided for cart assembly, along with the manual. SpecsFuel Type: Propane Burners: 6.00 Total BTU's: 90,500.00 Total Cooking Area (cm²): 920.00 Colours: Stainless Steel Lights: i-GLOW™ / NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs