Morso 6148 Freestanding



Made in Morso’s own foundry, the 6148 is cast with absolute precision for exceptional heating performance. Standing like a sculpture on a pedestal, this fire has a timeless and minimalist design.

Constructed using only the highest quality recycled cast iron, delivering a robust product that provides longevity while employing a refined and timeless design.

Behind the glass Morso has developed a combustion technique in which pre-heated air has a higher temperature in the combustion chamber which burns off flue gases providing you with a cleaner and more environmentally friendly combustion technology which ensures optimal fuel utilization.


Founded back in 1853 Morso craftsmen produce the finest cast iron wood stoves in the world, and the name Morso has been synonymous with quality. In all that time the 1410 has proven to be one of Morso’s all-time best-selling cast iron fireplaces.

These traditional classic style fireplaces can be recognised by its 2 air vents on the front of the door, one at the top of the door and one below the door, and the classic squirrel motif on both sides of the stove. Both rear and bottom heat shields for reduced clearances and better heat convection are standard, in addition to a reversible flue collar for either top or rear venting, providing flexibility in placement and construction.

Clearances to Combustible Materials
Rear clearancemm
Side clearancemm
Corner clearancemm
Extra Info
Flue size6″
Heating capacitym2
Burn Time Hours

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