Morso Grill Forno II Outdoor Oven



Morso Grill Forno II, is now available with a larger opening to the fire pit which not only leaves more room for cooking – it also provides an even greater view of the flames and, thus, contributes to a more congenial bonfire atmosphere.

The cast-iron insert has been upgraded – function-wise as design-wise – which means that, now, it works as a charcoal/wood distributor with an integrated barbecue grid and increased oxygen intake that improves burning conditions considerable. Finally, the positioning of the beautiful wooden teak legs has been turned 180 degrees, thus making it possible to get quite close to the front of Grill Forno II, when the cool of evening creeps up on you – or when great ideas are to be thought up by the glow of the flames.

  • Solid enameled cast-iron with a corrosion resistant coating system
  • Wood Fueled emanates a decadent warmth and a delicious aroma that only a real wood fire can bring

Dimensions: 1100 H x 550 W x 550 D (mm)

Weight: 50 kilos

Internally the Forno is shaped like an Italian stove, the wide low-ceilinged firebox produces optimal radiant heat that creates an even temperature.

Externally the Forno is made from solid cast-iron with a corrosion resistant coasting system. The simplistic characteristic shape of the Forno allows it to be readily placed either at ground level for primary use as a fireplace or sited onto the optional Garden or Terra Table which has been specially designed for optimal working height and for storage of firewood and Morso Accessories. 

Cooking on the Forno you will discover that it delivers a superior cooking experience. Unlike other outdoor ovens with soot lined tunnels the Forno has a gaping, inviting aperture. The openness of the oven not only transforms cooking but also simplifies the tasks of cleaning, the stacking of kindling and the lighting of the stove. The wide opening and cavernous interior also means, that with the appropriate Morso Accessories, you can cook a whole lot more in your oven than just pizza, all whilst enjoying the warmth that eliminates from this contemporary oven.

  • Solid enamelled cast-iron with a corrosion resistant coating system and a ceramic stone base for even heat distribution
  • Wood Fuelled emanates a decadent warmth and a delicious aroma that only a real wood fire can bring
  • Award winning design

Dimensions: 606.4 H x 749.9 W x 674.3 D (mm)

Weight: 96 kilos