Masport Elite Grande 210




Affordable and functional barbecue with 304 stainless steel hood and grill body. Front dash is made from 304 grade stainless steel with 304 stainless steel cabinet.

Comes with the Masport’s Interchangeable Cooking System, which allows you to go from thr full grill, hot plate or pizza stone options. Versatility at its BEST !!

0.8mm 202 Stainless Steel Burners
Stainless steel grill body has a high resistance to corrosion, does not discolour and is easier to wipe down
Double lined convection style hood with less vents adds to the infusion of flavour and maintains consistent cooking temperatures
Four larger output burners provide even heat
The Fat Away Drainage system, allows for cleaner healthier barbecuing as it drains excess fat and oils away from your foods
Reliable integrated ignition
Comes with UV resistant cover
Temperature gauge for controlled cooking
Side burner provides versatility
Useful storage area in cabinet

Additional information

Weight160 kg

Firebox Material