Lopi Republic 1750 (Legs)


The Republic 1750 wood stove offers the classic Lopi look — a radiant surface for cooking and a convection surface for warming. And it packs a powerful punch. Its ceramic brick lined firebox is larger than most small stoves. To get heat to the room, the Republic 1750 uses a rear and top convection chamber to enhance warm air circulation throughout your home. This provides more even heat than you get with a radiant-only wood stove. The Republic 1750 is ideal for mid-sized homes and for heating specific areas of larger home.
Height674 mm
Width610 mm
Depth597 mm
Weight195 kg
Clearances to Combustible Materials
Rear clearance150 mm
Side clearance350 mm
Corner clearance150 mm
Extra Info
Flue size6″
Heating capacity220 m2
Emissions1.2 grms
Burn Time 10 Hours