Kemlan Tempo Stack Freestanding Fireplace

Kemlan Temp Stack


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The Tempo Stack is a stylish slimline fireplace, designed to heat an area up to 120 square metres. The raised firebox provides an uninterrupted viewing area, so no need to bend down when loading wood. The option of stainless steel sides gives the tempo stack a contemporary touch. Its simple installation, comfortable heating capacity and compact stylish design make the tempo stack an attractive feature in your home and the perfect slow combustion for contained spaces.All Tempos have rear heat shields and convection side panels. They also have a pre-heated primary air wash system that creates a clear view of the flames, and they all come with a 10 year warranty. They are also simple to operate thanks to the one slide control for ease of operation.The features of a STACK include:
  • 6mm welded steel firebox for strength and durability
  • Impressive average emission output of 1.6gms/kg
  • Firebrick lined base to keep the heat in the ash bed for longer burn times
  • Slim design saves significant space
  • Optional black or stainless steel sides.
Height1056 mm
Width685 mm
Depth437 mm
Clearances to Combustible Materials
Rear clearance250 mm
Side clearance250 mm
Corner clearance125 mm
Extra Info
Flue size4.5″
Heating capacity180 m2
Efficiency65 %
Emissions1.5 grms
Burn Time 8 Hours

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