Kemlan C24 (Acacia)


Using a modern day ceramic refractory system, the C24’s design reduces heat loss through the flue and ensures that the firebox retains and radiates much of the heat otherwise lost. Secondary air is added below the baffle. Due to the high temperature of the firebox, smoke is burnt as it rises towards the flue, making it remarkably clean burning. The C24 boasts an impressive average of 1.4 gms/kg, vastly under the allowable Australian standard of 4.0gms/kg.


If you’re looking for something with a little more style and class, the new black enamel C24 takes an old favourite into a new era. This brand new finish gives a beautiful polished look to a classic Kemlan fire that’s been a household favourite for over a decade.


With a focus on celebrating the Australian heritage of the Kemlan brand and our range of fireplaces, the new C24 Acacia proudly displays an Australian wildflower with a uniquely Australian design in striking white enamel.The C24 comes with options of legs or wood stack.
  • Full convection heat shield system
  • High efficiency 68%
  • Heating capacity of up to 270 square metres
  • One slide control for ease of operation
  • 6mm welded steel firebox for strength and durability
  • Firebrick lined base designed to keep the heat in the ash bed for longer burn times
  • 10 year warranty
Height682 mm
Width638 mm
Depth525 mm
Clearances to Combustible Materials
Rear clearance150 mm
Side clearance450 mm
Corner clearance150 mm
Extra Info
Flue size6″
Heating capacity280 m2
Emissions1.5 grms
Burn Time8 Hours

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