Jetmaster Universal 500




The Jetmaster universal wood burning fire place will enhance the comfort and warmth of any home. From traditional to contemporary, the design options with the Jetmaster universal are endless.

The Jetmaster produces radiant heat plus plus convected heat naturally and it is designed to draw in cold air, heat it and then as it rises vent it out as a stream of hot air.

There are over 12 different sizes available to suit your existing fireplace or if you’re building a new one.

Also, only a Jetmaster Universal firebox can burn either wood or gas. This means you can convert your wood fireplace to gas with relative ease by simply removing the log pan and installing one of our efficient pebble, coal or log gas burners

The Universal solid steel firebox is designed to handle the hottest heat, be it an efficient wood fire or an open gas, where Jetmaster offers the highest variable gas inputs at the flick of a switch