Heat-n-Glo 6000 TRSI Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

$6,000.00 $1,500.00

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The 6000TRSI gas fireplace features an impressive 79% efficiency rating, a realistic ceramic campfire log set and balanced flue technology. The 6000TRSI draws 100% of its air from outside, not relying on oxygen from within the room. Its versatility and flexibility allow for easy installation in almost any situation, and the ‘IntelliFire’ with battery back up electronic ignition system eliminates the need for a continuously burning pilot light. The multi-function remote control provides temperature, flame height and start time control, offering true convenience so you never again have to bend down to start your fire. It’s ideal for apartments, hotels, homes, townhouses, office reception areas, boardrooms, where conventional chimneys cannot be constructed.

Top or rear venting options provide installation flexibility
Zero clearance provides ease of installation and cost savings
Variable valve allows you to adjust the flame height and heat output
Realistic ‘ceramic fibre’ campfire logs
Balanced flue technology for optimum indoor air quality
Gas input rate: up to 36mjH
Standard dress guard with mesh provides clean lines and safety
3.5 star rating
Variable speed fan with on/off

The 6000TRSI also comes with the following options:

Multifunction Wall Switch
Internal side mirrors
‘All stainless steel’ front
Available in Natural Gas & L.P.G. (L.P.G. versions can be easily converted to Natural Gas when available in your area)

Additional information

Weight180 kg
Fan Included