Grandfire Infrared Patio Heater 3.2kw


Add extra warmth on those cooler nights by creating a toasty warm garden retreat and stay warm in style at your place, or simply extend the use of your outdoor area. With sleek finish you can woo your family and friends, or simply enhance the look of your patio.Why choose our Patio Heaters?
  • It’s Powerful, the 3.2kw /6.4Kw infra-red ceramic element is specially designed to reflect maximum heat right where it is needed.
  • It’s Cost Efficient; get a whopping 40 hours /20 hours of average use out of a standard 9kg LPG gas bottle…that’s over 4x more running time than a traditional LPG gas heater!
  • It’s Adjustable and Mobile, adjust the height up or down to your perfect position, or just tilt the whole unit back and it easily wheels to wherever you want it!
  • It’s Directional, with cleverly designed reflective panels, the wide angled heat band is directed perfectly towards you and your guests every time!
  • It’s Eco-friendly, as the gas burns up on the ceramic element, no harmful emissions are released after burning.
  • It’s Safe, the easy start electronic ignition has a built in safety switch which will automatically cut off the heater should it be tilted or in the case of strong winds.
  • It’s Built to Last, made of solid 304 Stainless Steel construction, like all Grandfire products it is beautifully crafted and looks amazing! And the sturdy gas bottle cabinet will hold a 9kg, 12kg or even 18kg gas bottle!