Esse Ironheart




    .Ironheart Wood Stove - The Ironheart

    The Ironheart

    Unique in every way, the Ironheart offers a cooker that doubles up as a heater with a massive firebox with a glass door

    Now TWO models to choose from…..

    The Original Ironheart is finished in painted Charcoal finish.. or Upgrade to the Ironheart Deluxe to have easy to clean Enamel Hot (top) and Chrome Plated Bolster Lids ( hot plate covers )

    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Now TWO models to choose from.....
    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Large Single Oven

    Large Single Oven

    A large single oven height 430mm, width 325mm & depth of 445mm heated on all sides gives one very impressive large oven

    Large Firebox

    The large firebox allows you to load up with wood up to 500mm long to give you not only overnight burn, but the capacity to heat a room up to 80M2+

    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Large Firebox
    .Ironheart Wood Stove - The Perfect Stove

    The Perfect Stove

    With a large firebox that is true “Slow Combustion” that burns all night long, the Large Single oven that bakes the best roasts and breads.. The Iron Heart is the best of all things wood stoves

    The Romance of Fire

    The large glass door turns your wood stove into a wood heater – you can not only see how much wood you have burning, but use this heat to heat your home

    .Ironheart Wood Stove - The Romance of Fire
    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Firedoor Screen Included

    Firedoor Screen Included

    A heat screen is included to allow you to trap the heat so you can also cook on warm days

    Hot Plate Cooking

    A large DOG-BONE hot plate gives plenty of rooms for 4-6+ pots with a variable cooking temperature to boil or simmer away all day. The Ironheart also comes with its unique round hot plate covers to keep the heat in on those warm days you still wish to bake away

    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Hot Plate Cooking
    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Optional Hot Water

    Optional Hot Water

    The Ironheart is available in with a 4kW domestic hot water jacket, perfect for heating up to a 400ltr hot water service to provide all your hot water for your home

    Optional Side Wings

    Optional Side Wings can added to your Esse Ironheart. The wings can be added to one, or both sides to give you additional surface area, or these can also fit Domino style cook tops.. Drop in a 2 burner Induction cook top, or even a gas burner to give you the ultimate Esse Ironheart cooker

    .Ironheart Wood Stove - Optional Side Wings
    .Ironheart Wood Stove - English Hand Made

    English Hand Made

    Esse are all English manufactured to perfection – the Esse Ironheart is 81% efficient making Esse the cleanest burning cooker