Esse 905 W35 Wood Stove

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Product Heater Style:
Free Standing
Product Manufacturing Country:
United Kingdom
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The Perfect stove for the modern household it has to be clean, low maintenance and easy to live with.
With 3 models to choose from

The ESSE 905 WN Wood Stove has No Hot Water
The ESSE 905 WD Wood Stove has a 4Kw Domestic Wet Back
The ESSE 905 W35 has a 10Kw Wet Back (Boiler) for running radiators and Domestic Hot Water

First for Australia a wood stove with a difference

Low Carbon Emission Wood Stove….With a single Ash Bed Fire Box and the ESSE Patterned After Burner offering the Lowest Carbon emission wood stove available
74% Efficient
2 True Ovens
Ash Bed Design Fire Box
Solid cast Iron Wood Stove
Highest quality enamel finish
Highest efficient Burning Wood Stove in the world
Takes 450mm Long Wood!!!!
Dog Bone Hot Plates
Hot Plate Covers as Standard
Center Flue
Cream – Black Other colors available as special Orders

Weight 200 kg
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