Esse 500EL Electric Companion




    500EL Electric Companion - Introducing the ESSE 500EL Electric Range Cooker

    Introducing the ESSE 500EL Electric Range Cooker

    Why is this a different cooker? It’s efficient – very efficient. ESSE have introduced the latest in shared power, meaning this cooker only requires 15amp to power the entire stove.

    500EL Electric Companion

    The ESSE 500EL electric companion is the perfect stand alone electric cooker, or the absolute perfect companion for your ESSE wood stove

    500EL Electric Companion - 500EL Electric Companion
    500EL Electric Companion - The Perfect Companion

    The Perfect Companion

    The 500EL is the perfect electric companion for your ESSE wood stove. The seamless design, and updated profile ensures the stove is the perfect match. Designed to go on the Left Hand Side, your 500EL Companion will match any of the ESSE range of wood ( and electric ) range cookers

    Skillet Style Hot Plate

    Capable of accommodating three pans simultaneously, the powerful heat of the 33cm hotplate is perfect for direct to cast iron cooking and the bolster lid creates a ‘steam and sizzle’ cooking environment. From energy-saving standby/slumber mode*, the hotplate takes just 38 minutes to get from 150⁰C to 400⁰C.

    500EL Electric Companion - Skillet Style Hot Plate
    500EL Electric Companion - 2 x True Ovens

    2 x True Ovens

    The 500EL’s generous ovens (yes there are 2 of them) – deliberately designed for depth rather than width to retain heat – can be used independently and incorporate ESSE’s patented surround heat engineering for even baking results every time.

    Electric Grill

    The top oven has a built in electric grill

    500EL Electric Companion - Electric Grill
    500EL Electric Companion - Separate Controler

    Separate Controler

    Your ESSE 500EL Companion is designed to be seamless no more controls that need disturb the design, these controls are now separate. You can wall mount, bench mount or hide in a cupboard next to your stove

    Designed to match

    Your ESSE 500EL companion is designed to join any of ESSE’s cooker range. With esse’s unique round bolster lids it’s the perfect companion. The 500EL must be installed to the left of your cooker to have the bolster lid and doors all align

    500EL Electric Companion - Designed to match
    500EL Electric Companion - 5 star power rating

    5 star power rating

    Your ESSE 500EL companion only uses a standard 15amp power supply. It’s one of the most efficient companion on the market. Esse’s patented L.E.D technology means your ESSE divides the power across the demand in milliseconds meaning the demand on your power is divided evenly – and on demand