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Portable BBQs are all the rage, and the market has responded with numerous choices and options. Whether you plan to use your portable grill for trips to the beach, tailgating at your favourite sporting events, camping trips or picnics, Coastline BBQ and Heating has the right portable gas BBQ or portable charcoal BBQ for you.

Which to choose: Portable Gas BBQ or Portable Charcoal BBQ?

Most BBQ cooks have a definite preference as to whether they prefer to cook with gas or charcoal. The rhetoric between the chefs in each camp is as hot as the grills they use to cook!

The Added Convenience of a Portable Gas BBQ

There is not much dispute that gas is much more convenient, as you do not have to carry around a large bag of charcoal and lighter fluid. Also, with a gas BBQ, you can light the BBQ and cook some items, then turn it off for a while, and then re-light it to cook some more. It also reaches the ideal temperature much quicker than a charcoal BBQ.

You also do not have to dispose of the spent charcoal ashes or make sure all of the coals are extinguished to ensure you have not left a fire hazard when you have finished cooking,

The Added Flavour of a Portable Charcoal BBQ

Most experienced BBQ chefs would agree that the use of charcoal imparts an additional flavour element to the food. This is especially true when one purchases charcoal that has specific varieties of wood in it, such as hickory, Applewood, mesquite, etc.

The charcoal can add a sweet, smoky flavour that permeates the food. When you slice meat that has been slow cooked in a smoky environment, there is often a reddish smoke ring in the meat, which experienced BBQ cooks desire.

Which Ever You Choose, Gas or Charcoal, Coastline BBQ and Heating has the Portable BBQ for You in Beaudesert.

We offer at least twelve portable BBQs, both gas and charcoal. Ranging from small, easy to carry grills for easy transport to the beach or picnic, to the Beefeater Clubman 4, which is a large grill with folding legs, that can fit in the back of a pickup truck or large sports utility vehicle, and is capable of feeding a very large group.

Built in BBQ in Beaudesert

It seems to be every backyard cook’s dream to have a luxurious outdoor kitchen. A built in BBQ can be utilised as a standalone unit, or can be the centrepiece of a fully functioning outdoor kitchen, capable of providing an exquisite and elegant outdoor cooking and dining experience.

Coastline BBQ & Heating offers an extensive selection of Built in BBQ units. These units can fit a wide range of budgets and can be surprisingly affordable. We carry Built-ins from Beefeater, Fisher & Paykel, Grandfire, Heatlie, Masport and Weber. These units come in Enamel, Enamel/Alloy, Enamel/Steel and Stainless Steel finishes.

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