Outdoor Gas Heaters – Brisbane & Beaudesert

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When it comes to obtaining heating for your outdoor area, whether it be a patio deck or an open backyard, options can be limited and difficult to maintain. Sometimes the best option is an old fashioned fire-pit and nothing more. Other fancier houses set up elaborate electric outdoor heating. These options, while they both have their perks, also have their drawbacks. One middle of the road option is to consider the benefit of an outdoor gas heater in Brisbane or Beaudesert. As is fairly common knowledge at this point, gas heating almost always reduces costs when compared to electric heating. So right off the bat, there is at least one advantage. But also, the aesthetics and the general vibe given off by fireplaces and more traditional gas heaters is vastly superior to that of electric space heaters. With both monetary and appearance advantages, it is clear that outdoor gas heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert are an option worth considering.

Recreate the comfort of the log fire

Fireplaces may have once been an old fashioned and simplistic form heating, used only as necessary, but more and more stylistic trends have become built around former necessities. For example, the rustic look of a log cabin was initially created due to the limited resources available. Now it is a sought after look regardless of convenience. Similarly, fireplaces have gone from being the backwoods means of cooking and heating to a desirable, stylish throwback. When items surge in the world of fashion or home décor as fireplaces have in the past few decades, dozens of styles and varieties emerge. Therefore, we carefully search through the many products on the market and select the best ones for our patrons.

With the Jetsmart Heat & Glow, You Will Have the Finest Gas Fireplace in Australia!

Jetsmart is one of the premier fireplace manufacturers across Australia. Having provided fireplaces nationwide for nearly four decades, Jetsmart is one of the most popular brands across the nation. They are incredibly reliable, their reputation only growing with each passing year. When it comes to finding an outdoor gas heater in Beaudesert or Brisbane, you have to consider the Jetsmart Heat & Glow line. Jetsmart first came to Australia in the 1980s, providing primarily traditional wood fireplaces at the time. Since then they have expanded their line considerably. However their first and arguably biggest move, was to offer the Heat & Glow line in the early 1990s. It was, at the time, the first line of gas powered fireplaces in the country. Naturally they took off. And they are still around today, for good reason. The Heat & Glow fireplaces from Jetsmart are reliable, enjoyable, and come in a variety of appearances and styles so that they can look at home in just about any house.

There are many other options as well when it comes to finding outdoor gas heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert. And we offer several brands outside of Jetsmart for your selection. If this does not sound like quite the right fit, but you are still interested in having a look, don’t hesitate to stop by and chat with one of our customer service reps today.

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