Outdoor BBQ Kitchens – Brisbane

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Wondering if you should invest in a gas, wood or electric fireplace for your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen in Brisbane? Sometimes, the easiest way to make one of life’s more important decisions is to gather as much information as possible before you finalise your outdoor living area.

Consider the elements that you want to incorporate in your Outdoor Kitchen in Brisbane. Do you want to include a gas or electric barbeque? Perhaps you feel that charcoal or wood is the only way to cook outdoors. Depending on your preferred mode of fire, consider the excellent modular options on offer from leading brands – we are sure that there will be one that is just perfect for your patio.

Outdoor Kitchens for Brisbane homes

We focus on providing Outdoor Kitchens for Brisbane homes that will make your life just a little easier. Just think, with Beefeater’s modular outdoor kitchen you can have the steak sizzling in a jiffy after a long day at work. Add a fire pit for atmosphere and you will find your family will be gathering outside rather than indoors while you prepare the evening meal.

Ideas to make your outside living space more inviting

When planning your outdoor kitchen, consider what you have at your disposal. If you have a big yard, you may want to consider adding a gazebo where you can fit the barbeque, fire pit and a seating area. Alternatively, consider extending your inside living space to the outside with a sliding door to the patio where you have your cooking, preparation and seating area.

Think about where you want to sit – a hammock or patio swing can add to the atmosphere while providing comfortable lounging and seating too. Add a table to gather around if you find that your guests always linger at the table to chat. As a bonus, this same table can be used to complete homework, while you prepare lunch or dinner on an average weekday.

Of course, there are several add-ons and accessories available that will add to your enjoyment in your outdoor kitchen. As a case in point let’s consider the canopy hood. Designed to extract smoke, it is a must have, if you have a partially enclosed patio area. Add tongs, gloves and a slip cover for your barbeque to complete the look of your outside BBQ area.

With modern life being as busy as it is, we can adjust our homes to fit our lifestyle while promoting togetherness that is so important for families. If we make our outside spaces comfortable, we can almost double our living space without breaking the bank.

Don’t hesitate a second longer. Contact Coastline BBQ & Heating today to order your barbeque or outdoor kitchen. We stock all the leading brands including Beefeater, Grandfire, Napoleon and Weber. All that is left to do after delivery and installation is to invite your friends over to enjoy a lovely evening outside.

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