Outdoor BBQ Kitchens – Beaudesert

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Imagine a warm summer evening. Family and friends are relaxing in the yard. Kids are splashing and giggling in the pool. Parents are sipping beverages and stars are beginning to twinkle in the sky at dusk. What could be better you ask? The answer? An outdoor BBQ kitchen to add a meal to this setting, and the enticing smell of seared meat or fish on the BBQ tantalising the neighbours far and wide! Grilling fruit for dessert or sweet treats for the kids as they stand dripping wet when they scamper from the pool to the smell of a special outdoor snack!

We all know the old saying “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Why not get the kitchen out of the heat? You can move the kitchen closer to where you want to live your life, rather than move your life into the kitchen. How many times have you entertained in your home, and the person that was stuck cooking in the kitchen was disappointed afterwards and compelled to apologise to guests because they didn’t spend much time together socialising?

The Revolution in Kitchen Design

There has been a revolution in kitchen design. Families are moving away from the traditional kitchen and kitchen table and are expanding their horizons. Why not expand your kitchen view to the actual horizon with an outdoor kitchen? Add a cool evening breeze to your entertaining or a starlit night. The party no longer has to move inside at meal time. The preparation of the meal becomes part of the entertainment at the gathering. Outdoor kitchens allow the cook to be no longer trapped in the kitchen, but rather can at the centre of the party.

Coastline is the Place for You to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen in Beaudesert.

Some outdoor kitchens in Beaudesert are installed merely as a cooking station. Others are fully integrated kitchens, with all appliances and conveniences of a traditional kitchen. Many incorporate elegant dining and entertainment areas such as bars. You are only limited by your imagination, and perhaps, unfortunately, your budget.

Coastline BBQ & Heating offers an extensive selection of built-in barbecues that will be the starting point for the outdoor BBQ kitchen of your dreams. These units can fit a wide range of budgets and can be surprisingly affordable. We offer built-in barbecues from Beefeater, Fisher & Paykel, Grandfire, Heatlie, Masport and Weber. These units come in Enamel, Enamel/Alloy, Enamel/Steel and Stainless Steel finishes. They can accommodate a variety of cooking styles, including, grilling, plate frying, roasting, baking, rotisserie and smoking.

You no longer need to be a slave to that hot kitchen, while others enjoy the party outside. Contact Coastline and begin building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams and you will create something much more important and lasting than the sumptuous food you will prepare lasting memories of wonderful times with your cherished family and friends.

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