Lopi Wood Heaters – Brisbane & Beaudesert


Fireplaces are a fascinating, evolving piece of interior decorating. When you think of a fireplace, you probably picture an old-fashioned home and a big stack of logs sitting next to a charred chimney. This image is by no means inaccurate. But it is a limited perception of the fireplace. At Coastline Barbecues and Heating, we offer various fireplaces of different shapes, sizes, makes, and models. And the traditional wood-burning, log-cabin style fireplace is only a small portion of our business. Many of our brands offer wood, gas, and electric options. Though one of our premium brands, Lopi, specialises in wood and gas heaters. It is all about finding the right Lopi wood heater in Brisbane or Beaudesert.

When it comes to gas and electric fireplaces, it should come as no surprise that the old-fashioned stack of logs and charred chimney can be a thing of the past. With their gas fireplaces, Lopi provides stunning GreenSmart technology that allows you to control your fireplace with a remote. You can even produce mood lighting and monitor the temperature from anywhere in your home! What is even more surprising, though, is that they have produced something similar for their wood-burning options. With their GreenStart technology, they have a system that can ignite your wood-burning heater with the click of a button. With so many options, it is important to gain a full understanding of the options for Lopi wood heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert.

What is GreenStart and What Other Fireplace Technology is Available with Lopi Wood Heaters in Beaudesert and Brisbane?

GreenStart makes lighting your fire a whole lot easier if you opt to go the wood route with your fireplace. While it is common now for wood and electric fireplaces to be able to ignite on command with the click of a button, this technology is pretty much unheard of in the realm of wood fireplaces. That Is why the GreenStart component of a Lopi wood heater in Beaudesert and Brisbane is a one of a kind option. By making the lighting of your wood fireplace easier, you aren’t just eliminating reaching into your fireplace with an extended lighter; you are eliminating the painstaking task of carefully laying out the exact amount of kindling to get your fire going evenly. The GreenStart system, in conjunction with some of Lopi’s other proprietary technology, will take care of that for you.

Hybrid-Fyre Technology

On top of featuring the groundbreaking GreenStart component, many Lopi wood heaters come with their Hybrid-Fyre technology as well. This is a dual-combustion system that allows you to monitor carefully how quickly you burn through your wood. Like the GreenSmart technology on Lopi’s gas fireplaces, this allows extensive control when it comes to controlling your fire while also maximising the efficiency of your resources.

This is probably a lot for you to process. As you can tell, fireplaces have changed a lot in the past century or so. Gone are the days of chopping down some wood with your bare hands and rubbing some twigs together. In the comfort of your home, you will be able to experience a bit of nature with the flick of a switch!

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