Lopi Heaters – Brisbane & Beaudesert

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When it comes to finding a suitable heating unit, you may or may not immediately think about luxury fireplaces. Since often fireplaces are primarily used as decorative pieces in an attractive living room, it is easy to overlook just how much heating potential they have to offer. In some elegant homes with built-in gas or electric heaters, you may be experiencing the heat of a fireplace for hours on end without even realising it is there. The point is that if you are currently seeking a new heating unit for you home, indoors or outdoors, a fireplace may be an option worth considering. At Coastline Barbecues and Heating, your source for “heating and eating,” we have a large selection of fireplace options that may meet your needs.

When it comes to finding quality heating units, our options for Lopi heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert may be just what you need. With their groundbreaking GreenSmart technology, no fireplace on the market will offer you such control when it comes to managing the temperature of your home. The GreenSmart option is the most innovative technology currently applied to any fireplace on the market. Jumping on the bandwagon now is a superb way to show off this profound tool that is likely to be a common household feature before too long.

How Do I Know What Fireplace is Right for Me?

Some factors play important roles in determining what fireplace might be the best fit for you. It is important to balance any fireplace unit regarding its functionality and its aesthetics. So the first question to ask yourself is why do you want a fireplace? Is this going to be a primary source of heat in the center of your living room? Or is this to spice up your backyard for potential get-togethers? This will determine off hand whether you are in need of an indoor or outdoor fireplace. From there you have the option of having a freestanding unit versus a built-in one. There is always a little more work when it comes to installing a built-in fireplace, but the result is that it flows more freely with the rest of your house.

Gas or Wood?

When it comes to Lopi heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert, you have the option of either gas or traditional wood-burning. With some of our other brands, you will have the option for electric. But with Lopi, only wood and gas are available. And if you are attracted to the GreenSmart option, you will be limited to gas. Beyond that, you will have to consider the appearance of your fireplace and how you want it to relate to the other home décor decisions in the area.

As you can see, there is a lot take in when considering purchasing Lopi heaters in Beaudesert or Brisbane. That is why our customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable and well-equipped to help you find the heating unit your home requires.

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