Lopi Fireplaces – Beaudesert, Brisbane & Northern NSW

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Fireplaces are amongst the most common of appliances in modern households. Whether simply as a bit of luxurious interior decoration, a legitimate source of heat within your household, or as a means of cooking with a freestanding outdoor fireplace, they have become a regular sight in many houses all over the world. While fireplaces may not be for everyone, with the increasing variety of options, promoted by the accelerating technology in the field, more and more people that never thought they would go for a fireplace when it comes to interior decorating are doing just that. What used to require a lot of work and a serious mess just to get going can now be as seamless as flicking a light switch. With that in mind, many of the elements that likely used to be off-putting to potential customers when it comes to fireplaces, are no longer relevant. At Coastline Barbecues and Heating, we offer fireplaces that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of new, groundbreaking technology.

If you are the type who has always been a little sceptical when it comes to purchasing a fireplace due to the perceived mess or potential for maintenance, we may have some options that could be a good fit for you. For instance, our Lopi fireplaces in Beaudesert, Brisbane, and northern NSW come with their groundbreaking GreenSmart technology. This may be just what you need to look at fireplaces in a new light from here on out.

What is GreenSmart Technology and Why Will It Change My Mind About Fireplaces?

GreenSmart is the premier technology when it comes to managing your fireplace regarding heat and light output. Available exclusively with Lopi gas fireplaces, GreenSmart encourages environmental safety, absolute control, minimal effort, and ease of use. With a remote control included, you will have more control over your fire than you ever imagined possible. When it is cold, you will be able to crank it up as if you were turning up the volume on a stereo. Likewise, when you need a bit of mood lighting you will be able to adjust the overall output is if you were dialing down an electric light. Since all Lopi fireplaces in Brisbane, Beaudesert, and northern NSW featuring the GreenSmart remote controls are gas fireplaces, they ensure that all equipped with this technology also feature direct ventilation, so you never have to worry about the air quality in your home, regardless of how high you want those flames burning.

Cut costs with gas

The other advantage of gas Lopi fireplaces in northern NSW, Brisbane, and Beaudesert is cost. As shocking as that may sound considering fireplaces themselves can be a bit of an investment, at the end of the day if you are currently heating your home primarily through electricity, switching one unit over to gas will undoubtedly cut your costs somewhat. When you combine that with the efficiency of Lopi fireplaces, it would be reasonable to consider this an investment that will pay off both in terms of efficiency and personal satisfaction.

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