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Fireplaces are one of the best ways to take a cozy home and make it feel even homier. Even in the summertime when you don’t necessarily need to feel the heat of a fire in your home, having a fireplace lit or not is a pleasant aesthetic addition to your living room. When the colder months roll around, if you have a fireplace, you are well equipped to have access to natural heat with ease. The advantages of having a fireplace are too numerous to count or list in this short article. And it isn’t necessary either since fireplaces are inherently popular as it is. What is worth pointing out is that just because the house you bought does not come with a fireplace does not mean it is impossible to add one to your home.

At Coastline BBW and Heating, we know that not everyone possesses our professional grade knowledge of the fireplaces and heating options available on the market. That is why we are committed to bringing our knowledge to the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads areas. With a wide variety of fireplaces from all of the top brands in Australia, we provide you with a vast selection and knwledegable staff to help inform your decision. One of the many brands we support is Jetmaster, who offer both wood and gas heating options. So if you think you may be interested in acquiring a new fireplace, be sure to check out our Jetmaster fireplaces in Northern NSW near Brisbane and Beaudesert.

Find a Wide Selection Wood or Gas Jetmaster Fireplaces near Brisbane and Beaudesert in Northern NSW

Jetmaster fireplaces are amongst the most common of fireplaces in Australia. Having been around since the early 1980s, Jetmaster has established themselves as one of the most reliable fireplace companies in the country. Initially, they provided primarily traditional wood fireplaces. Then in the early ‘90s, they released the Heat N Glow, a gas-powered fireplace that revolutionised the way the fireplace figured into many Australian homes. Since then Jetmaster has continued to provide all kinds of fireplaces while continually expanding their catalogue in both traditional and groundbreaking ways.

The benefits of having Jetmaster fireplaces in Brisbane, Beaudesert, or Northern NSW are countless

On top of providing an aesthetic boost to any home, Jetmaster fireplaces produce environmentally friendly smoke, promote healthy air circulation, and offer a cost-effective means of providing heat to your entire home. It is not just about the look and feel of your home. Having a jetmaster fireplace can significantly aid you financially while promoting a healthy household environment. So if you have considered getting a fireplace recently, don’t just consider a Jetmaster, contact us at Coastline BBQ and Heating and let one of our knowledgeable staff members aid and advise you on the fireplace best suited to meet your needs. We have two stores in the Gold Coast suburbs of Southport and Oxenford and another in Tweed Heads.

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