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Every year, tens of thousands of Australians turn to using wood fired heaters in their homes when it starts to get cold outside. This translates into the burning of millions of tonnes of wood, which contributes significantly to both carbon emissions and the development of hazy conditions. When you need a reliable heater for your home but you want to avoid the environmentally harmful cost of using traditional wood-burning units, there is another option. Try using a gas heater in your Brisbane home instead. With various distinctive visual styles from which to choose and a trusted purveyor of heating products in Coastline Heating & BBQ, you can warm yourself up and feel good about it, too.

Reducing your personal carbon footprint and making your home more “green” is much easier when using gas heaters. Beaudesert homeowners will find leading brands for sale through Coastline, including the beautiful Jetmaster fireplaces, Lopi linear units, and more. Each of these can reduce emissions by almost half versus those produced by wood heaters. Make a personal difference, but don’t feel like you have to jump into it blind. Consider a few of the great reasons as to why and how a gas heater can improve your home.

Do your part for the environment with a gas heater in Beaudesert

One potential downside to using a wood burning fireplace is the need to maintain the fire yourself. Of course, you’ll also need to keep seasoned firewood on hand. It can take a while for a wood fire to heat up a room, too, and all the while it’s generating greenhouse gas. When you use a gas heater in Beaudesert, though, not only do you reduce emissions, but you also gain convenience and ease of use.

Gas heaters feature easy to use touch controls and some feature controllable thermostats. Find the perfect temperature for your room and stay comfortable when the air is chilly. Because they power up instantly, warming is much quicker, too. A gas heater doesn’t need to look boring, either. Whether you select the stunning contemporary design of a Lopi linear fireplace or the traditional look of smouldering logs as seen in Cannon’s Canterbury models, Coastline has something for everyone. When you can reshape your space so easily while doing your bit to help the environment, why consider anything else?

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Whether your concern is reducing emissions that are harmful to the environment, finding an efficient way to heat your home and reduce costs, or simply to locate a beautiful centrepiece for your living space — the ideal choice lies with gas heaters in Brisbane. From highly efficient and modern designs by Lopi to the good looks and charm of Heat-n-Glo. Coastline Heating & BBQ is the one-stop location for all your gas heating needs. Order a unit online today and explore our shipping choices, or visit us! Call our nearby Tweed Heads location on 07 5523 4777 for questions and information, or navigate to our contact page for more details.

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