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Have you always wanted to enjoy the enriching heat and pleasant ambiance of a fireplace in your home, but gotten hung up on the thought of chopping firewood or maintaining a chimney? If so, then a gas heater is the perfect choice for you! Gas fireplaces provide the same warmth and creature comfort of wood fireplaces or wood burning stoves, but without all of the extra work. On the contrary, by installing a gas heater in your home in Northern NSW, you will be able to get warmth and ambiance more conveniently than ever before: at the touch of a button!

Where to Shop for a Gas Heater on the Gold Coast

So we’ve established that you are interested in investing in a gas heater for your Gold Coast home, but now the next question is this: where do you start the shopping process to actually find and purchase a quality gas fireplace—let alone have one installed in your home?

Look no further than Coastline Barbeques & Heating as the answer to all of those questions. Serving Northern NSW since 1999, Coastline operates three separate store locations (one in Southport, a second in Tweeds Head and a third in Oxenford) and stocks an array of ‘heating and eating’ products—from outdoor barbeque grills, to indoor fireplace solutions.

When you are looking for a gas heater in Robina, Helensvale or Southport, Coastline is the place to go. We carry the finest products, from the best brands, outfitted with all of the latest industry features.

For instance, consider the brand Lopi. Several of the Lopi freestanding gas heaters available from Coastline come equipped with the GreenSmart 2 System, a state-of-the-art piece of technology that will give you greater control over your home’s gas heating system. The GreenSmart 2 System comes with remote control capability, a smart thermostat mode, accent lighting and more. Where some gas heaters are almost as much about stylish decoration as they are about warmth, Lopi’s GreenSmart 2 system makes it easy to use one of these products as an integral component of your home’s heating system.

Lopi is just one of the brands that we carry at Coastline Barbeques & Heating. Indeed, when you shop with us for a gas heater for your Helensvale home, you might also spot popular brand names like Eureka, Cannon, Burley, Esse, Jetmaster, Jemlan, Heat-n-Glo, Coonara and more.

Get Help Picking out the Right Gas Heater: Visit One of Our Gold Coast Stores!

Are you interested in finding the perfect gas heater in Southport, Robina or Helensvale, but still aren’t sure where to start with brands or features, just stop by one of Coastline’s three Gold Coast locations! Each of our three stores has flexible business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8:30 to 4 on Saturdays and 10 to 3 on Sundays), and we’ve staffed each with friendly, knowledgeable experts who will be able to give you more in-depth recommendations about the perfect gas heater or gas fireplace for you.

Want to visit one of our stores? Head over to to find out which of our locations is closest to you!

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