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Customising your home is one of the joys of having your own property. From changing the colour of the paint on the walls to arranging the furniture just how you like it, it’s all about what you want for the space. That even comes into play when you are selecting appliances. Have you given any thought or consideration to heating solutions for your home? You might not always need a heating source, but it’s a good idea to have one in place. Why not add a beautiful fireplace to the Brisbane home in which you live? Not only are there many excellent choices for eco-friendly and modern looking fireplaces, but there’s an incredible source right nearby — Coastline Heating & BBQ.

With a gas fireplace, you can have the convenience and inviting warmth of a traditional fire available at just the press of a button. Create a central living space for your family to gather in, whether it’s spending holidays chatting around the fire or just a beautiful space for your children to work on school projects. With the extensive selection of fireplaces Coastline offers to Beaudesert from our Tweed Heads, Oxenford, and Southport locations, we are well positioned to offer you advice and service.

Our many options include gas, electric, and wood

When considering fireplaces for your Brisbane house, there are a few main considerations you should think over. Before you make a choice on one of the premier fireplace brands we offer, such as Jetmaster and Lori, it’s a good idea to have a sense of what you’ll need to accomplish your goals.

  1. Space. How much room do you have for a fireplace? Gas and wood units will require a flue to vent exhaust gases, which may be difficult to achieve in a dwelling with limited space. However, a large space can be fully utilised.
  2. Emissions and the environment. Burning wood generates carbon dioxide and smoke, whereas modern gas units can emit up to 50% fewer emissions. If your personal impact on the environment is a concern, ask us about the benefits of gas fireplaces.
  3. Heating needs. Don’t forget to consider how much heat you’ll need to generate to warm a space! Even some small fireplaces, such as those made by Lopi, can put out a very respectable amount of heat. Find the unit that will work best for your space.

See us and explore our fireplaces for Brisbane

Next time you stop to consider how you can transform your home into an inviting and welcoming space for all, don’t forget the potential value of a fireplace. Beaudesert residents don’t even need to travel to see what we have on sale — just browse all our offerings right here! You can even make your purchase online, as Coastline Heating & BBQ provides excellent delivery options. We offer courier delivery for small items (less than 40kg), dealer deliveries (flat rate), custom delivery by quote, and in-store pickup. With three locations near Brisbane and Beaudesert, why not stop by and see us? Visit our contact page for phone numbers or if you’d like to send us an email enquiry.

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