How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Needs

Types of Fireplaces

Wood was the traditional fuel burnt in fireplaces around the world. Burning wood gives a certain atmosphere to your home. Different kinds of wood have the same effect as different kinds of incense. Sandalwood is the choice of many people because of the smell it provides while burning. However, due to environmental factors, many people choose to use alternate sources of energy like natural gas, LPG and electricity.


A typical fireplace is made of bricks but originally they were made of stone. You can choose from a variety of designs and types of brick in the local market. Some manufacturers still have stone based fireplaces but the choice of finish is ultimately yours. Stone fireplaces are made of sand stones or lime stones.

These fireplaces are either carved by machines or hand to give a classical look to your interior. Marble is another popular fireplace material.

Marble is easier to carve and it complements most decors. The wooden fireplace is a cheaper option. Nowadays, there are substitutes of the all the basic materials and these are embraced by people as a more cost-effective option because they are considered easier to maintain.

Ony Use Professionals

It is in your best interest to contract the services of professional fireplace craftsmen and authentic fireplace shops like Coastline Barbecues & Heating.

Installing a fireplace can be complicated and you need to take note of the risk factors involved in the installation. If it is a wooden fireplace or a natural gas fireplace, check that you have selected the basics, from the bricks to the chimneys to the fuel-lines according to your own needs.

Your choice should also be decided based on the age and the construction of your house. You should have your home checked by a specialist who specialises in fireplace installation like the specialists at Coastline Barbecues & Heating.

We will be able to tell you if your home can handle the type of fireplace installation that you want or not.

Choose the Right Finish

A fireplace will quite naturally be central to a room no matter where it is placed. Everyone will be attracted to this warm place in the house during those cold winter months. So, this needs to be at the forefront when deciding on the type of fireplace that you want and if it goes with the interior of your house.

If it matches the décor of your home then it will only add to the ambiance of the room.

Remember, the primary need of a fireplace is to keep a place warm both physically and from an aesthetic point too.

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