How to Have a Great Family Barbecue

It’s a good way to have some good, clean fun with the adults and the kids and not spend a lot of money in the process, particularly if you’re smart and designate each family member with bringing a food item.

The ingredients needed for a successful barbecue include:

  • A barbecue grill, charcoal, wood or gas
  • Charcoal, wood or propane
  • Kerosene or some of form of fuel (propane)
  • A lighter (as needed)
  • Favourite barbecue recipes
  • Accessories like skewers for marshmallows
  • Steaks
  • Chicken
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • And whatever else you need to make your barbecue complete.

Ensure that a responsible adult is in place to watch the younger children, as fires and food can be very tempting. Also don’t set up the grill too close to any low hanging tree branches or dry grass — both are potential fire hazards. An open field or lawn is much more preferable from a safety standpoint.

With the wide variety of barbecue grills and accessories available on the market today, you can easily find a model that meets your requirements.

If you are not going to be lighting the grill often then a small grill from the Weber line of grills might be more than adequate for your needs. They are easy to set up and take up very little space when they need to be stored away until needed again.

Another BBQ option to consider for your next family barbecue, is the Beefeater range. The majority of this range is geared towards the heaving grilling family, so if you like to entertain or eat on the BBQ often during summer, a grill from this range will be right up your alley.

Don’t forget to keep the kids enterained though, otherwise you might find yourself trying to multi-task while grilling, which can lead to some over-cooked steaks and burnt veggies. Keep the kids occupied be setting up some fun games, hide and seek is an oldie but a goodie, and if it’s hot, a slip and slide never goes amiss.

Plan in advance and your family BBQ will be one to remember. 

If you need help selecting a new BBQ this summer, check out the range at our Coastline BBQ stores, one in Southport and one in Tweed Heads. Our staff are friendly and helpful and will be able to take care of all your grilling needs. Give us a call today!

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