ESSE Stoves – Beaudesert & Brisbane

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The kitchen is the centrepiece of many homes across Australia, and indeed all over the world. As the space where we prepare food, share meals and gather together with friends and family alike, it makes sense to call it the “heart” of a household. Throughout history, though, that heart was a much simpler than today’s modern kitchens — it all focused on the hearth. The fireplace was traditionally the home’s primary source of both cooking power and heating. Today, modern wood burning stoves like those made by ESSE harness the energy of the cooking hearth and give you a natural, elegant way to cook. For ESSE stoves near Beaudesert, Coastline Heating & BBQ is the ultimate source for any homeowner seeking to upgrade their kitchens.

With the ability to generate intense heat from the long, slow burning of wood fuel, ESSE stoves offer you the capacity to cook and control temperatures with greater finesse. Once you understand the way these impressively engineered creations work, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one in your home. Best of all, Coastline has nearby locations within easy driving distance. When you want to look at ESSE stoves in Brisbane, swing out to Tweed Heads and drop in for a visit — or visit one of our other two locations in Southport or Oxenford.

ESSE stoves in your Beaudesert abode will change the way you cook

Harnessing the power of a wood fire to cook with has never been this incredible. ESSE stoves are engineered to take full advantage of the extremely hot air generated inside the firebox. From heating bone-style hot plates on the surface of the stove to powering anywhere between one and three reliable ovens, these stoves are versatile and powerful. ESSE manufactures a range of models suitable for different applications, from the Ironheart freestanding wood stove, ideal for smaller spaces, to the large 990 model. Many of these stoves optionally come in wetback models, providing a consistent, convenient source of hot water from your home.

Think these are just for cooking? Think again. Layered door systems, such as the one in the ESSE 990, allow you to project heat from the stove into the room for warmth. When you’re feeling a little chilly in the wintertime, using the glass door on your stove to allow heat to radiate through the room will feel amazing!

Browse our catalogue and find the perfect unit for you

Browsing and buying ESSE stoves for your Beaudesert home is easy when you shop right here on Coastline Heating & BBQ’s website. With many ESSE models available for viewing, you can select the unit that’s ideal for your needs and your space requirements. Because these stoves are very heavy, shipping via courier is not often recommended. Instead, we offer convenient in-store pickup for no additional fee. Whether you travel from Brisbane to our nearby Tweed Heads location or choose one of our other two stores, we look forward to seeing you and helping you select the ESSE wood-fired stove you and your family will love for years to come.

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