Indoor Heating – Gas or Electric, Which One is Better?

When you just need to heat a small area, you’re going to want to think about going with another option, such as a space heater. These are great solutions to one-room indoor heating.  

There are two types of indoor portable heaters: gas and electric. So which is better?


When it comes to electric heaters, there are two types: convection and radiant. Convection heaters are the most energy efficient. They are the best choice for large areas that are frequently used for short periods of time. 

These types of heaters operate by using a sealed heat transfer liquid, such as oil combined with an electrical heating element.  This liquid is safe from leaking. It never needs to be refilled, and it stores heat and sends it out using the natural way that air circulates. Some convection heaters employ fans to distribute the heat as well. These work the best when the room is sealed well, with no open doors. 

Fan-forced ceramic heaters provide warmth that can be easily focused where needed. The elements in ceramic heaters are self-regulating, and they will automatically cut heat when output is blocked. These heaters fill many functions, and are generally the best option when it comes to general home use. They’re great for sunrooms, bedrooms, and home offices. 


Portable gas heaters are used best when they are employed for heating large areas that are well ventilated, such as garages, or areas outside the home. These are the types you will often see on balconies, or in restaurants that specialise in al fresco dining.  

These unvented gas heaters are not for indoor use, as they can bring dangerous gases into the living area such as carbon monoxide. In many Australian states, they are banned from indoor use. 

Vented heaters, on the other hand, can be used indoors as they are designed to be placed next to a wall that has a vent  or window installed. This ventilation will direct harmful gasses to the exterior of the home.

If you’re going to go this route, make sure the vented heater is labeled “100%” outdoor air. These are the safest.  

Main types of gas heaters

  • Propane. These may need to be lit with a match. They provide heat for a long time, and are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Natural Gas heaters, can be both portable and installed into your home using an external gas line. They are also available in many sizes.
  • Kerosene Heaters. These are best for large areas, such as garages. They can be used indoors if there’s a power loss, for short periods of time. 

The Verdict

So we’ve taken you through the main types of portable heaters, gas and electric. 

What’s the best for indoor use? 

Definitely electric. Electric portable heaters are simply much safer, and they are designed specifically for indoor purposes.  Yes, you could use a kerosene heater indoor, or, if the space is large enough, even a propane heater. But there are risks with doing this. Go with the safest option—go electric.

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Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen!

With so many options, it can be a daunting task trying to decide what to include and how it will be laid out. It needs to look good and be functional at the same time.

Take some time to think about how you are going to use the space, and this will help you determine what individual elements you’ll need.

Follow these helpful tips to get the most out of your outdoor space.

Designing the perfect outdoor kitchen

  • Function. The function of the space that you’re creating is going to have the biggest impact on how you design it. If you’re looking for an area to relax on some comfortable lounges, then make sure your space is big enough to support this idea. Or if you want a luxurious outdoor kitchen then make sure to include all those appliances you’ll need. Once you figure out how the space will be used it will make all the other decisions much easier.

  • Lounge area. If you’ve decided to go create an amazing lounge space, you’ll want to make sure that it is an area that will be able to be covered. You don’t want your beautiful new lounges to be damaged by the sun and bad weather. There are a number of options, which could include anything from a custom-built pergola to a simple shade sail, and your budget will determine what is available. You’ll also want to focus on the ambience of your space, to make it as relaxing as possible. Consider putting in a fireplace, which will mean you can use it all year round. Just make sure that the area has plenty of ventilation and there aren’t any combustible materials near the cooking.

  • Cooking. Don’t limit yourself to just cooking inside, expand outside and build that impressive kitchen you’ve always wanted. If the focus of your new outdoor area is on cooking, then the appliances you select is the most important decision. In this case you definitely want to go for quality over quantity, don’t just buy every appliance you can find.

  • Entertaining space. Maybe you want to spend most of your time entertaining, and will probably be using your space for less culinary-focused activities. You’ll want to create a more casual environment that allows guests to easily move around, and consider installing speakers to set just the right mood for whoever you’re entertaining. You could even install a bar area that will give your events a real kick!

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Benefits of a Wood Fire

Wood Fire Benefits

  • The cost. While there is an initial investment to purchase and install a wood fire, you can expect to start saving immediately on your utility bills. By using a wood fire to heat your home, you won’t have to use your gas or electricity to run other heating sources. These other sources are often very expensive to run, particularly air conditioning, and with the cost of electricity and gas continuing to rise this will only become worse. A wood fire, on the other hand, involves very little cost to run (purchasing the wood) and can sometimes be free if you can source the wood for free.

  • Efficiency. Burning wood is a very efficient way to heat your home, and is capable to heating an entire home with a single fireplace. Compare this to other heating appliances, which are often isolated to a single room or area of your home. Some people even find that the heat that comes from a wood fire is warmer than other types of heat – potentially an advantage to using a natural source of heat.

  • It’s always available. We’ve all had that experience – the electricity is out, so we can’t turn on the air conditioning to warm us up. By using a wood burning source of heat, you don’t have to worry about those times when there is a problem with the electricity or gas supply. You’re self sufficient – able to operate at any time without the hassle of calling the electricity company!

  • Renewable energy source. The other big advantage is that burning wood is very environmentally friendly. It uses wood, which is a renewable resource, instead of fossil fuels such as gas. Often electricity is also sourced from fossil fuels or other non-renewable sources, as a majority of the electricity is generated from coal power plants. If you’re lucky you can also find waste or off-cut wood that can be used, such as from a timber yard or construction site, which means that you’re being even kinder to the environment.

  • Reduce your emissions. The other benefit of using this renewable energy source is that it means you’re reducing the level of emissions that you’re expelling into the atmosphere. The burning of coal and other non-renewable sources releases harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to the problem of global pollution. By using a wood fire you’re doing your bit to help the environment.

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Helpful Tips When Buying a Gas Heater

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a gas heater.

Gas heater buying tips:

  • The room size and climate. When selecting a gas heater it is important to consider not only the size of the room that you want to heat, but also the local climate. These will both have an impact on the size of the gas heater that you will require. If you live in a cooler climate, you’ll likely need a larger heater to keep you warm. But for a warmer climate you’ll only need a relatively small heater.

  • Do you need a flue? This is probably the most important consideration when looking for a gas heater. There are certain restrictions on the rooms in which gas heaters can be used without a flue, including bedrooms, bathrooms, or other spaces with poor ventilation. In these instances an electric heater is probably better suited to your needs. If it is possible a flued gas heater is the better way to go; it will vent out any harmful fumes, and you can place them in areas otherwise restricted. Just keep in mind that there will be an additional cost for installation.

  • Options for unflued gas heaters. If you’re restricted by the space and aren’t able to install a flued gas heater, you’ve got two main options: convection or radiant-convection heaters. Convection heaters use the movement of the air combined with built-in fans to circulate the warmth around the room. They will often have thermostats, making it easy to achieve your desired temperature. Radiant-convection heaters on the other hand use an exposed area to radiate heat into the room. They are much simpler than convection heaters, meaning that they are also often cheaper, however you won’t have the same level of control as they often don’t have a thermostat.

  • Selecting the best gas type. Each gas heater will be manufactured to operate with a particular type of gas, either LGP or natural gas. This is because there are differences in the energy content and required oxygen to gas ratio for the use of each type of gas. Using a gas appliance that is manufactured for the incorrect type of gas can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to check what type of has you have at home before choosing a heater. Sometimes conversion is possible, however this is not always available depending on the model, so it is best to buy one that suits your home.

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Tips for Choosing Your New Barbecue

To help you on your journey to purchasing a new BBQ, here are some handy tips when you’re considering the many options.

Tips For Choosing Your New BBQ

Size. First of all, you need to decide what size BBQ you are looking for. This will be determined mostly by the space that you have available, but also the cooking capacity that suits your needs. If you only have a small balcony or outdoor area then perhaps a round kettle-style BBQ is more suitable, as they can fit comfortably in small spaces. Popular models include the Weber Q range, which are very compact and portable. Otherwise there are the larger grill style BBQs that range anywhere from two up to eight burners, giving you the ability to cook for a very large group. Beefeater is one of the most popular brands, as well as Masport.
Cooking surface. There are two main types of cooking surfaces: grill and flat-plate. These are used for cooking different types of food, and having both surfaces on your new barbecue definitely adds versatility. However depending upon the size of BBQ that you choose you may have to choose between the two. The smaller barbecues tend to have the flat plate style, however some have options to convert to a grill style when required. The larger BBQs will often have both cooking surfaces.
Type of gas. The majority of barbecues available on the market today are fuelled by gas. You can still buy some charcoal fuelled barbecues, however they are much less common. When it comes to selecting a BBQ, you need to be aware of the type of gas that it requires. This is going to be either liquid propane gas (LPG) or natural gas. The main difference between the two is how the gas is connected to your BBQ. Liquid propane gas (or LPG) comes in a tank which is connected to the BBQ, and will need to be refilled when it is empty. Natural gas on the other hand is often hooked up to a constant supply, meaning that you won’t have to refill anything. The downside is that not every home has natural gas connected, so if you don’t then you’ll need to stick with LPG.
Warranties. Every manufacturer will have a slightly different warranty offer, however the best will have limited lifetime warranties that cover mechanical failures. While this may not be the overriding factor in your decision making process, it is important to consider the differences between manufacturers to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

If you’re looking to buy a brand new BBQ, get in touch with us today at one of our three Gold Coast stores and speak to one of our friendly staff. Or come visit us at our new online store for added convenience.

How to Install a Gas Fireplace

Here are some tips on installing your new gas fireplace.

Tips for Installing a Gas Fireplace

Select your fireplace

First of all, you’ll need to select the fireplace that you want to install. There are different options available, depending upon the type of installation needed. A fireplace insert is the best option if you have an existing fireplace in your home, as they fit an opening that has already been constructed. Freestanding fireplaces sit away from the wall and are probably the easier to install, as the flue is installed through the roof. The third option is a full in-built gas fireplace which are, as the name suggests, built into the wall. As a result they involve the most work and expertise. A Lopi gas fire is an excellent option.

Choose a gas supplier

Once you’ve selected the fireplace that you want, you’ll need to choose a gas or LPG (liquid propane gas) supplier to fuel your brand new fireplace. There are a variety of options from different companies, but the main difference will be the delivery type. Most of the time you’ll have the option of automatic refilling, where the company refills the bottles when they are low, or an exchange service, where you will have to check the levels yourself.

Install fittings

The best option is to hire a professional gas fitter to do the installation. They are going to be experienced in the process and will know exactly what to do. This way you can avoid any dangerous mistakes that could be made. Gas fitters are very common and can easily be found with a simple internet search.

Installation of the fireplace

Depending upon the services provided by the gas fitter, they may also be able to install the fireplace for you. It is important to consider the placement of the gas bottles, particularly if you are having automatic refilling, as the bottles will need to be accessed easily without anyone being home.


While not strictly a tip involving the installation of a gas fire, it is important to consider that you have proper ventilation in any home that is utilising a gas fire. Any sort of gas appliance represents a risk, however small, so ensuring that the space in which the gas fire is located is important to guarantee the safety of the occupants.

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Top BBQ Cooking Tips

So here are some handy tips to make sure you deliver great food every time, whether you’re cooking on a Beefeater or a Napoleon.

Five Tips For Awesome BBQ Cooking Results

1. Don’t cook cold meat

This is probably one of the most important rules to follow when cooking meat on a BBQ, or any other way. The problem with cooking on a BBQ is making sure that your meat is being cooked evenly and that the heat from the BBQ is making it to the middle, without burning or charring your food.

By bringing the meat back to room temperature, you’re making sure that your meat has the best chance of being evenly cooked.

2. Keep your meat thin

On the topic of heat, cooking meat (particularly steak) that is too thick means that the heat has much farther to travel to reach the centre. As a result, the risk of burning is increased, as you’ll need to cook the meat for longer to ensure that it has been cooked thoroughly.

If you try to keep the meat relatively thin, you’ll be in much better control of how it will turn out, making it easier to cook the perfect steak.

3. Keep your BBQ clean

While it might sound like a good idea to leave the remnants of last weeks barbecue sitting there as flavour for your next cooking session, you are much better off keeping your BBQ clean.

Not only do you avoid any sort of risk of food poisoning, but leaving too much food built up can result in food burning and your equipment rusting. No more Sunday afternoon BBQs for you!

4. Leave the meat to rest

This is where you take the meat off the heat, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before you serve it. This gives the meat time to absorb the juices from cooking, so you get to enjoy them instead of having them spill all over the plate.

The meat should still be hot, but just in case, you can always wrap it in foil.

5. Hygiene!

Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure that you’re following all the normal rules of food hygiene when cooking on a BBQ. It can be difficult, at times, particularly when different meats require different cooking times, but taking due care is better than somebody getting food poisoning.

If you’re looking to buy a brand new BBQ,get in touch with us today at one of our three Gold Coast stores and speak to one of our friendly staff. Or visit us at our newonline store for added convenience.

Tips for Using Your BBQ Safely

Using a BBQ involves a fair amount of risk as there is heat, fire, and most of all, gas. These elements can cause serious injury if the proper precautions are not taken. So it is very important to be aware of these risks when using a BBQ.

Here are some handy tips that will make sure everyone is safe and sound at your next outdoor function.

Safety tips for cooking with a BBQ

  • Position of the BBQ. It is important to make sure that you position your BBQ away from everything, so that the risk of something catching alight is reduced. This includes any plants, furniture, and your house.

  • Ventilation. This is related to the positioning of your BBQ. You want to make sure that the smoke and exhaust from the BBQ can easily escape so that it doesn’t cause any issues for you or your guests. The smoke can contain substances that can be harmful if there is significant exposure.

  • Operation of your BBQ. Just like with any piece of equipment that you are operating, you should make sure that you know how to properly operate and care for your BBQ. This information can easily be found in the instruction manual that is provided. This will provide details on how to safely use the BBQ, the best way to cook on it, and also how to properly care for it to ensure that it remains safe to use.

  • Check the gas before use. Gas is a very flammable substance, and as such represents probably the biggest risk when using a barbecue. So every time you light up your BBQ you should check to make sure that there are no leaks in the gas line, and that the bottle is in good working order. The hose can erode due to exposure to the weather, causing dangerous leaks. You should also check that the gas bottle you are using has been checked within the last few years.

  • Food safety. While the obvious risks when using a BBQ come from the heat and gas that is being used, you should also consider that there is a risk of food poisoning from improperly or undercooked meat. It can be very easy for someone to come down with food poisoning from food such as poultry and seafood, and it can be very dangerous.

  • Regular cleaning. By avoiding the buildup of food and grease on your BBQ you are reducing the risk of fires. These can easily be started by an excess of grease or fat from the food you are currently cooking, or from the residue left behind by your previous cooking adventures.

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The Cost of Building an Outdoor Kitchen

But before you decide to throw away your old barbecue and start digging up your backyard, it is important to consider how much this project is going to cost you. There are many variables to consider that will impact on the full cost of completing your dream outdoor kitchen.

Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding on what your outdoor kitchen is going to look like.


This is the most obvious factor that will influence the overall cost. If you are looking to convert a small space, then the cost is almost certainly going to be much lower than if you were turning your three car garage into an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can be installed simply using a new barbecue and some pre-made furniture. This is the cheaper option and involves the least amount of work.

However if you want something more customised this is going to suit a larger space. You can have almost every aspect of the outdoor kitchen designed as you would like it, with any combination is appliances and other inclusions.


Speaking of appliances, this is the other big factor to consider as they will make up the majority of the cost of your new outdoor kitchen. Appliances can come in a number of options, all of which will vary in cost depending upon the brand and size. You’ll also need to consider what sorts of appliances you will want to install, such as a barbecue, as you can choose to keep it simple or add every single item you can think of.


It is best to determine your budget at the beginning of the process. This way you know exactly what you have available to you, so that you can choose which appliances and other inclusions fit within that budget. It is important consider what you want and how much that will cost, and the look at what you are able to comfortably afford.

The cost of an outdoor kitchen can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand quite easily! As soon as you start to add more appliances the price will increase. Also, if you want to add a sink or other items that require plumbing or electricity you will need to allow more in your budget for this type of work to be done (which can be quite expensive and charged by the hour).

If you’re looking to expand your lifestyle to include a new outdoor living space,get in touch with us today at one of our three Gold Coast stores and speak to one of our friendly staff. Or visit us at our newonline store for added convenience.

Bring The Party Back To Your Place With A New Outdoor Barbeque Range

First off, an outdoor barbeque is the perfect place to host a party or event. You can ask each person to bring their favorite meat and then grill it all outside on your new barbeque range. The smell of roasting meat will fill the air and there’s just nothing quite like it. Once you have thrown one barbeque, your friends are sure to want more. You can even add in some yard games such as a beanbag toss or horseshoe throwing to liven up the party even more. All that you will need to make this happen is a few friends and some meat.

If you’re not in the mood for a big party, an outdoor barbeque range can also be the perfect place to hold a small family get together. Invite a few family members to your place and grill some food together with them. Just wait until your family sees your new outdoor barbeque range. They’re going to want to come back again, and soon (so if you don’t get along well with your family, don’t tell them about your cool new outdoor barbeque range).

If you’re not a big party person, then don’t worry, an outdoor barbeque range can still work for you. You can choose a smaller model and cookout for yourself whenever you like. Cooking your food on an outdoor barbeque adds a great taste and flavor and can make your boring pork chop dinner taste like a feast. There are so many different things that you can do with an outdoor barbeque range that it would be difficult for us to go into detail on each of them. Suffice it to say, if you do decide to purchase an outdoor barbeque range with us, we know that you will not be disappointed.

We sell many different types of outdoor barbeque ranges to fit all of your party needs. From the smallest event to a huge backyard festival, we can prepare you with the equipment that you will need. For more information on our various outdoor barbeque range products feel free to check out our website at

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