Built in, Grandfire, Napoleon & Portable Gas – Barbeques Beaudesert

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Grandfire Barbecues in Beaudesert

Coastline Barbecue carries six different models of Grandfire Barbecues. All of them come in the Stainless Steel finish, which is synonymous with Grandfire Barbecues. We offer three built-in and three trolley units. They range in price from about twelve hundred fifty dollars to just over three thousand dollars. They range in size from twenty-six inches to thirty-eight inches.

Napoleon Barbecues

We offer nine different models of Napoleon Barbecues. They are available at various price points to fit any budget. Whether you prefer the convenience of a gas barbecue or the rich, smoky taste of “Old School” charcoal, we have a Napoleon Barbecue that will fit your needs. Charcoal and gas barbecues are available in portable and trolley models.

Considering Built-in Barbecues in Beaudesert?

Want to make a statement to family friends and neighbours that you are serious about Barbecue? A built in BBQ can not only make that statement but can be the centrepiece of your outdoor living experience. Not only does it function as your outdoor kitchen, but it allows the cook to be part of the social scene, rather than be stuck in the indoor kitchen while your guests are enjoying the great outdoors. Put your built-in barbecue on an elevated platform, and the cook will now be the centre of attention as if on stage, rather than making a casual appearance to deliver food as it is prepared.

Coastline BBQ & Heating offers an extensive selection of Built-in Barbecues. These units can fit various budgets and can be surprisingly affordable. We carry Built-in Barbecues from Beefeater, Fisher & Paykel, Grandfire, Heatlie, Masport and Weber. These units come in enamel, Enamel/Alloy, Enamel/Steel and Stainless Steel finishes.

The Source for Portable Gas Barbecues in Beaudesert.

Nothing beats the convenience and versatility of a portable gas barbecue. It fits perfectly with an active outdoor lifestyle. A portable gas barbecue also promotes a healthy and economical diet, as the portable gas barbecue allows you to cook fresh, healthy food at the site of the outdoor activity, rather than settling for pre-packaged or unhealthy fast food when you are away from home. Don’t settle for fried fast food, Grill Your Own!

You can merely pack everyone’s favourite foods for the day, put your portable gas grill in the trunk of the car, and you are ready for the day’s activities. You don’t have to take a break from the fun at the beach to find something to eat. Going camping? Make your morning coffee and all your meals on your portable gas barbecue.

Coastline carries eleven different portable gas barbecues. Ranging from small, easy to carry grills to be easily carried to the beach or picnic, to the Beefeater Clubman 4, which is a large grill with folding legs that can easily feed an entire soccer team at a tournament.

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