The Cost of Building an Outdoor Kitchen

But before you decide to throw away your old barbecue and start digging up your backyard, it is important to consider how much this project is going to cost you. There are many variables to consider that will impact on the full cost of completing your dream outdoor kitchen.

Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding on what your outdoor kitchen is going to look like.


This is the most obvious factor that will influence the overall cost. If you are looking to convert a small space, then the cost is almost certainly going to be much lower than if you were turning your three car garage into an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can be installed simply using a new barbecue and some pre-made furniture. This is the cheaper option and involves the least amount of work.

However if you want something more customised this is going to suit a larger space. You can have almost every aspect of the outdoor kitchen designed as you would like it, with any combination is appliances and other inclusions.


Speaking of appliances, this is the other big factor to consider as they will make up the majority of the cost of your new outdoor kitchen. Appliances can come in a number of options, all of which will vary in cost depending upon the brand and size. You’ll also need to consider what sorts of appliances you will want to install, such as a barbecue, as you can choose to keep it simple or add every single item you can think of.


It is best to determine your budget at the beginning of the process. This way you know exactly what you have available to you, so that you can choose which appliances and other inclusions fit within that budget. It is important consider what you want and how much that will cost, and the look at what you are able to comfortably afford.

The cost of an outdoor kitchen can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand quite easily! As soon as you start to add more appliances the price will increase. Also, if you want to add a sink or other items that require plumbing or electricity you will need to allow more in your budget for this type of work to be done (which can be quite expensive and charged by the hour).

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