Beefeater BBQ – Gold Coast, Helensvale, Northern NSW, Robina & Southport

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Barbequing has been around for many years and used to require a lot of effort. Traditional barbequing was a quite a chore and the original BBQ chefs didn’t have the luxury of using a Beefeater BBQ. These early chefs striving to give food the unique flavour of BBQ had to work hard to make it happen. Early BBQ cooking involved digging a hole in the ground and placing some meat inside with a pot underneath it, so that the juices could make a hearty broth. It was then covered with leaves and coal and set alight. ( Fortunately, this time honoured tradition has evolved into a friendly cooking style that’s easy to do, thanks to quality products such as the Beefeater BBQs.

Find Superior Quality Beefeater BBQs at Coastline Barbeques & Heating Stores

At Coastline Barbeques & Heating, you can choose from a large selection of high-quality Beefeater BBQs by clicking a button using our user-friendly online shopping site. What if one doesn’t know the details of the Beefeater BBQ models? Don’t worry, every detail for the different Beefeater BBQ models along with specific information related to each BBQ can be found online.

If the huge selection of models is too overwhelming, one can sort the information by specific elements: cooking style, technology and size. Each Beefeater BBQ is constructed using durable materials like sturdy rust-free porcelain, enamel coating and cast iron cook tops. There are BBQs in sizes from small to large and one to fit every chef’s budget and cooking style. Some available amenities include from two to seven burners, stainless steel and heavy-duty lockable caster wheels. Of course, the extensive selection of tasteful designs meshes nicely with any outdoor décor. With so many styles to choose from and three stores located on the Gold Coast, barbequing is easy.

Choose a Beefeater BBQ for Healthy and Satisfying Meals

Barbequing is healthy way to prepare meats and vegetables, enabling the cook to obtain the sought-after authentic BBQ flavour without the fat and grease of traditional cooking methods. Preparing food on a Beefeater BBQ grill is a wonderful alternative to baking when the temperatures are too hot to fire up the indoor oven. Not sure which type of Beefeater BBQ grill to choose? We offer a variety of well-constructed Beefeater BBQ models and a BBQ for every level of cook from the novice health conscious cook to the experienced BBQ chef. Visit our online store and choose from many BBQs like the sophisticated Beefeater Gold Coast model, the well-designed Beefeater Helensvale model and the trendy Beefeater Northern NSW.

There is a Beefeater BBQ to suit every cooking personality, décor and budget. We offer the finest selection of durable and stylish BBQs and accessories to fit any budget and décor. From the coveted Beefeater BBQ Robina to the elegant Beefeater BBQ Southport, we have a BBQ to meet any grilling, entertaining and healthy cooking goals. If there are still questions related to which model to choose or the accessories available for each model, we are here to assist. As a second generation family-owned business, we take pride in our superior customer service and huge selection. Visit our family today.

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