Looking for a Natural Gas Barbeque or Heating solution?

Here at Coastline Barbeques and Heating all of our gas stock can be ordered in either LPG or Natural gas straight from the supplier, or if you have an existing item conversion kits can also be ordered  …read more .

Looking for a New Electric Heater in Helensvale, Robina, Southport or Northern NSW? Shop with Coastline Barbeques & Heating on the Gold Coast!

Since first opening our doors in 1999, we at Coastline Barbeques & Heating have been working to provide customers throughout Northern NSW with the best heating and …read more .

Buying Electric Heaters in Helensvale, Southport, Robina or Anywhere on the Gold Coast? Visit Coastline Barbeques & Heating for Superior Customer Service in Northern NSW!

Are you tired of shopping for electric heaters in different Northern NSW department stores or appliance retailers, businesses where no one seems to take an interest in helping you find the product …read more .

Heat Your Home in Style: Purchase a Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace in Helensvale, Robina, Southport or on Northern NSW’s Gold Coast

When you purchase a linear fireplace from Northern NSW’s Coastline Barbeques & Heating, you are essentially killing two birds with one stone: for one thing, our Lopi-brand linear fireplaces are aesthetically stunning …read more .

Shopping for Fireplaces in Northern NSW? Coastline Barbeques & Heating is Your Gold Coast Source, from Southport to Robina to Helensvale!

A well-positioned fireplace can do a lot for your home. In some houses, fireplaces are meant to be largely decorative, boasting beautiful designs that can perfectly complement both classic and contemporary architectural styles. …read more .

Heat at the Touch of a Button in Northern NSW: Where to Shop for the Perfect Gas Heater in Southport, Helensvale, Robina or Anywhere on the Gold Coast

Have you always wanted to enjoy the enriching heat and pleasant ambiance of a fireplace in your home, but gotten hung up on the thought of chopping firewood or maintaining a chimney? If so, then a gas heater is the perfect choice for you …read more .

The Advantages of Using Gas Heaters in Helensvale, Northern NSW, Robina, Southport, the Gold Coast, and all Over Australia

When it comes to heating your home, you have a lot of options. With that being said, there is one choice that is above the rest in many ways, and that is gas. Gas Heaters for a …read more .

Use an Outdoor Gas Heater for a Robina, Helensvale, Northern NSW, Gold Coast, or Southport Home

When it comes time for the colder part of the year, there’s no reason that you should have to be cooped up inside just to get away from unfavourable weather. Thanks to Coastline Barbecue & Heating …read more .

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Gas Heaters in Southport, Robina, Northern NSW, Helensvale, and the Gold Coast

When the seasons start to change, you normally have to stay inside to escape the cold. Not anymore- thanks to Coastline Barbecue & Heating and our selection of outdoor gas heaters …read more .

Looking to Buy a Wood Heater in Helensvale, Robina, the Gold Coast, Northern NSW, or Southport?

Though the modern world gives homeowners a plethora of ways to heat their home, many people prefer the classic method of simply using a wood burning fire. Not only is this incredibly cheap …read more .

Technology is Continuing to Advance, but Wood Heaters in Northern NSW, Southport, Helensvale, the Gold Coast and Robina are Still a Great Option

No matter what time of year it is, you can greatly benefit from owning a wood heater. Here at Coastline Barbecue & Heating …read more .

Four Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen in Helensvale, Gold Coast, Robina, Southport or Anywhere in Northern NSW

Are you looking to update your outdoor patio with the latest amenities? If so, an outdoor kitchen might be the perfect new addition to your Robina or Southport home. But how can you know whether or not an outdoor kitchen is right …read more.

Coastline Barbeques & Heating Offers Top-Quality Beefeater BBQ Models Online and in Stores. Find us in Helensvale, Robina, Southport on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW

Barbequing has been around for many years and used to require a lot of effort. Traditional barbequing was a quite a chore and the original BBQ chefs didn’t have the luxury of using a Beefeater BBQ. These early chefs striving to …read more.

Superior Quality Built in Barbeques available in Helensvale, Robina, Southport and Northern NSW to Create a Memorable Event

Barbequing has long been acclaimed the fashionable way to entertain for family dinner night or feeding a herd of athletes after the big game. An event dishing up barbequed cuisine toasted to perfection on Built in Barbeque is …read more.

Coastline Barbeques & Heaters Offer Stylish Built-In BBQs in Helensvale, Southport, Robina, along the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

What could be better than a juicy steak grilled over an open flame? Of course, any steak or vegetable whipped up using a built in BBQ would be the best kind of meal. Both novice cooks and experienced chefs swear by the unique taste …read more.

Fabulous Selection of Durable Outdoor BBQ Kitchens at Coastline Barbeques & Heating in stores – Helensvale, Robina, Southport, Northern NSW and Gold Coast

With the kids out of school for the summer holiday, why settle for a typical day off in the yard when you can make every day a backyard party? Imagine stepping out into your very own backyard oasis complete with a durable outdoor …read more.

Enhance Your Home’s Patio Area, with Coastline Barbeque’s Outdoor Kitchens in Helensvale, Southport, Gold Coast, Robina and throughout Northern NSW

Do you want to get more out of your outdoor patio area? During the beautiful summer months, it’s sometimes hard to have to go inside to cook or eat dinner, and with one of our outdoor kitchens from Coastline Barbeque & Heating, you …read more.

Looking Forward to Summer in Southport, Robina, Helensvale, and Northern NSW? Here are 5 Tips for Your Portable Charcoal BBQ on the Gold Coast

When summer hits, it is time to fire up the grill and a portable charcoal BBQ from Gold Coast supplier Coastline Barbeques & Heating is the perfect way to give you and your guests that authentic grill taste. For real BBQ taste, true …read more.

The More Efficient Choice – Portable Gas Barbeques in Southport, Robina, Helensvale, Northern NSW, and the Rest of the Gold Coast

As summer heats up, so does the annual grilling season. If you are searching for the perfect blend of convenience and performance, consider portable gas barbeques from Gold Coast area Coastline Barbeques & Heating. We have been in …read more.

The Advantages of a Portable Gas BBQ for Your Helensvale, Northern NSW, Robina, Southport, or Gold Coast Patio

The summer is never complete without lots of outdoor barbeques, parties, and other events. Those events generally involve food and there is nothing better than your favourites cooked just right on a portable gas BBQ from the Gold Coast …read more.

Why It Makes Sense to Buy a Weber BBQ for your Gold Coast, Helensvale, Northern NSW, Robina, Southport Home

If you are in the market for a new barbeque, you will have a hard time going wrong by choosing a Weber BBQ for your Southport deck or patio. The Weber name has been synonymous with excellence for over 50 years and you can find a wide …read more.

Trying to Counter the Cold? Coastline Barbeques & Heating Offers Coonara Fireplaces in Beaudesert, Brisbane, and Beyond.

A chill falls across the evening – a slow slink of cold air and starless sky. You sit huddled on your sofa, blanket drawn tight around you; socks layered on your feet. It’s not enough to combat the plummeting temperatures …read more .

Looking for Low-Emission Environmentally-friendly Coonara Heaters in Beaudesert, Brisbane, or Northern NSW?

Efficiency shapes the housing markets. Families are all too aware of their carbon footprints, and they no longer wish to stomp across the environment. They prefer sustainability and, to accomplish this, they’re redefining their …read more .

Seeking a More Convenient Home Heating Solution? Coastline Barbeques & Heating Delivers Coonara Heaters to Beaudesert, Brisbane, and Northern NSW.

The room is tiny – a collection of tight corners and precious pathways, forcing you to manoeuvre around the many furnishings. This is a space that’s well-loved and lived-in, with your family gathers here each day to share …read more .

Searching for a Coonara Wood Heater in Beaudesert, Brisbane, or Northern NSW? Coastline Barbeques & Heating Offers Quality Products and Convenient Deliveries.

It’s a struggle for balance. A box sits heavy in your hands, threatening to tumble to the parking lot, forcing you to sway in an awkward rhythm. It’s an unwieldy thing and you fear it will soon fold beneath the strain of its own …read more .

Discover Bold Styles When Purchasing Coonara Wood Heaters in Brisbane, Beaudesert, and Northern NSW. Contact Coastline Barbeques & Heating Today.

The clichés always condemn the elephant in the room. As you stare at your heating system, however, you can’t help but long for floppy ears and massive tusks. They would undoubtedly prove more appealing than this clunky-lined …read more .

Need a New Heater for Your Brisbane or Beaudesert Home? Warm Up the Eco-Friendlier Way with Electric Heaters from Coastline Heating & BBQ

When the temperatures outside your home begin to dip and the seasons start to change, who wants to bundle up inside their home? Whether you are living in a home that lacks central heating or you wish to upgrade your current heating …read more .

Coastline Heating & BBQ is the Premier Source for ESSE Stoves Near Brisbane and Beaudesert

The kitchen is the centrepiece of many homes across Australia, and indeed all over the world. As the space where we prepare food, share meals and gather together with friends and family alike, it makes sense to call it the “heart” …read more .

Looking for a Cosy Fireplace to add to Your Home in Beaudesert or Brisbane? Coastline Heating & BBQ Sells Premium Fireplaces

Customising your home is one of the joys of having your own property. From changing the colour of the paint on the walls to arranging the furniture just how you like it, it’s all about what you want for the space. That even comes …read more .

Cut Down Your Brisbane or Beaudesert Home’s Heater Emission; Switch to Gas Heaters from Coastline Heating & BBQ Instead

Every year, tens of thousands of Australians turn to using wood fired heaters in their homes when it starts to get cold outside. This translates into the burning of millions of tonnes of wood, which contributes significantly to …read more .

Place the Ultimate Luxury in Heating in Your Home with a Jetmaster Fireplace from Coastline Heating & BBQ, Located Near Brisbane, Beaudesert, and Northern NSW

Unifying the living spaces in your home into a cohesive space that people will enjoy spending time in is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Between the struggle of finding the right furniture to deciding on what kind …read more .

Find the Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Jetmaster Gas Fireplace in Brisbane, Northern NSW, or Beaudesert

Fireplaces have become increasingly desirable inside homes or elsewhere on your property. They are incredibly useful as well as pleasing to look at it. Furthermore, they create a relaxing, comfortable vibe for you and your guests …read more .

Need a New Fireplace? Coastline BBQ and Heating Offer Jetmaster Fires in Northern NSW near Brisbane and Beaudesert

When it comes to major gas and household electric appliances, it is best to be very cautious and careful when making a selection to consider purchasing. First, anything that is producing fire has the potential to be very hazardous …read more .

Add a New Spark to Your Home with Jetmaster Gas Fires in Brisbane, Northern NSW, and Beaudesert

Everyone needs to spice up their home from time to time. You always dedicate a lot of time to decorating your home right when you move. You want it to be perfect for you. You want it to represent what you stand for and to be …read more .

Find a Fancy and Efficient Heating and Lighting Unit with a Lopi Fireplace in Beaudesert, Brisbane, and Northern NSW

When it comes to fireplaces, you are sure to know from modest personal experience that there are a wide variety of options in the marketplace. There are indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, gas options, electronic options, and …read more .

Enjoy GreenSmart Technology with Our Lopi Fireplaces in Brisbane, Beaudesert, or Northern NSW

Fireplaces are amongst the most common of appliances in modern households. Whether simply as a bit of luxurious interior decoration, a legitimate source of heat within your household, or as a means of cooking with a freestanding …read more .

Find that Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace with Coastline Barbecues and Heating’s Lopi Heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert

When it comes to finding a suitable heating unit, you may or may not immediately think about luxury fireplaces. Since often fireplaces are primarily used as decorative pieces in an attractive living room, it is easy to overlook …read more .

Looking for a Lopi Wood Heater? Coastline Barbecues and Heating Offers Lopi Wood Heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert

Fireplaces are a fascinating, evolving piece of interior decorating. When you think of a fireplace, you probably picture an old-fashioned home and a big stack of logs sitting next to a charred chimney. This image is by no means …read more .

Need an Outdoor Gas Heater in Brisbane and Beaudesert? Coastline Barbecues and Heating Offers Outdoor Heaters

When it comes to obtaining heating for your outdoor area, whether it be a patio deck or an open backyard, options can be limited and difficult to maintain. Sometimes the best option is an old fashioned fire-pit and nothing …read more .

Nothing Warms You Up Like a Wood Heater: Check Out the Selection of Wood Heaters in Brisbane and Beaudesert

When it comes to finding affordable, efficient, and stylish heating units for your home, the options can be unbearably thin. In this day and age, though, most people only think about modern heating options such as house wide systems …read more .

Looking for a New Fireplace While Remodelling Your Home? Coastline BBQ and Heating has Jetmaster Fireplaces in Northern NSW Near Brisbane and Beaudesert

Fireplaces are one of the best ways to take a cozy home and make it feel even homier. Even in the summertime when you don’t necessarily need to feel the heat of a fire in your home, having a fireplace lit or not is a pleasant …read more .

Where to Buy a Beefeater, Grandfire, Napoleon or Weber BBQ in Beaudesert.

Since 1999 Coastline Barbeques & Heating has been providing the best quality BBQs from around the world. Choosing a BBQ should be based on a variety of factors. The first factor to be considered is whether you prefer to BBQ with gas or charcoal …read more.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Experience with a Beefeater, Grandfire, Napoleon or Weber BBQ in Brisbane

There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect outdoor environment, regardless of whether you plan to entertain an abundance of guests, or you just want to create an environment that caters to your personal gathering of friends and family members …read more.

Buy a Quality Gas BBQ by Beefeater; Grandfire; Napoleon; Weber in Northern Gold Coast

Football season has finally arrived, and you’re ready to purchase a BBQ grill. You want a top-of-the-line gas BBQ, but the process of buying the right gas grill is complicated. The options in gas, electric and charcoal grilling are vast, and it …read more.

Come to Coastline Barbecue for Grandfire, Napoleon, Built in, and Portable Gas Barbeques in Beaudesert.

Coastline Barbecue carries six different models of Grandfire Barbecues. All of them come in the Stainless Steel finish, which is synonymous with Grandfire Barbecues. We offer three built-in and three trolley units. They range in price from about twelve …read more.

We do barbeques in style in Brisbane – Built-in, Gas, Grandfire, Napoleon and Portable Options Available

Whether you are renovating, updating or starting from scratch, it is worthwhile to plan carefully when you install built in barbeques in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. After all, the key word here is built in – not portable or disposable. …read more.

Finding the Best Charcoal Barbeques Built in the Northern Gold Coast for Briquette Lovers

If you are wondering why the old-fashioned charcoal barbeque is still everyone’s favourite way to grill spite of the gas barbeque that cooks food much faster, here are points to consider. Some people believe that while a charcoal barbeque does not …read more.

Top-of-the-Line BBQ Brands near Southside Brisbane: Grandfire and Napoleon

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor BBQ for your needs, but are unsure of what brand or type that might be? Choosing the right BBQ can be a challenge – it isn’t something that you can exactly try out in the store and decide which one is right …read more.

Coastline Sells Outdoor BBQ Kitchens in Beaudesert

Imagine a warm summer evening. Family and friends are relaxing in the yard. Kids are splashing and giggling in the pool. Parents are sipping beverages and stars are beginning to twinkle in the sky at dusk. What could be better you ask? The answer …read more.

Creating Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen near Southside Brisbane

Dinnertime is one of the most important times of each day for families to bond and spend time together around the table. Eating outdoors in the comfort of your backyard is a delightful luxury and can cut down on expenses from always going out to eat …read more.

Dreamy Outdoor BBQ Kitchens Built in Brisbane

Wondering if you should invest in a gas, wood or electric fireplace for your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen in Brisbane? Sometimes, the easiest way to make one of life’s more important decisions is to gather as much information as possible before you finalise your …read more.

Building Your Outdoor Kitchen in the Northern Gold Coast

Your kitchen is the cosiest space in your home, and we all love gathering together there with our families and cooking something delicious. However, summer is the time of enjoying fresh air and sunlight especially in gardens and on patios. That’s why …read more.

Portable Charcoal and Gas BBQs, and Built in BBQs in Beaudesert

Portable BBQs are all the rage, and the market has responded with numerous choices and options. Whether you plan to use your portable grill for trips to the beach, tailgating at your favourite sporting events, camping trips or picnics, Coastline …read more.

Cooking with Portable Charcoal and Gas BBQs near Southside Brisbane

Do you like to grill on the go? A portable BBQ from Coastline Barbeque and Heating could be ideal for you. Outdoor cooking can be a great social experience for you and your family and friends. A portable BBQ gives you the freedom of taking it with …read more.

A Portable BBQ is almost essential in Brisbane – best it built-in, Gas or charcoal

With winter fast fading to a distant memory, it is time to get everything ready to host memorable Summer BBQs. Are you ready? Do you have a Portable Charcoal BBQ? Brisbane residents sometimes opt for a portable gas or Built in BBQ. Regardless of what …read more.

Find the Perfect Quality Portable Charcoal & Gas BBQ Grill to Meet your Grilling Needs

Regardless of if you plan to grill for the whole family or one, love the outdoors and an al fresco BBQ, or just don’t have space to keep a full-size barbecue, a portable charcoal or gas BBQ offers the smoky flavours of its full-sized friends in a …read more.

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